Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Thoughts from Debbie J.

I thought I'd just leave this tab for a new post on my blog open, and as a thought comes to me, I'll type it up!

1.  I am currently listening to the audio version of "Only Love Today", by Rachel Macy Stafford.  I love this book!!!  It has been life changing for me.  I'm currently on my second time listening to this book.  My only problem with it is that I wish I had it when I still had children at home.  But the things I am learning are just as important for any loved one in your life, whether its your husband, grown children, grandchildren, co-workers, and even yourself.  Listening to the book is so calming and soothing to me.

She has written another book that I haven't read, called "Hands Free Mama", which is probably more well-known.  I may just check that one out too, since I feel it would apply to anyone, even if there are no children in the home.

As I've told you in a previous post, I listen to audio books for free with the Overdrive App on my phone.  This is done through your library.  I usually listen when I'm driving to and from work and other times when I am driving alone.  The sound comes through the radio with the blue tooth on the vehicle.

2.  I gave up Sirius XM Satellite Radio.    I got hooked on it when I had 6 months free with the purchase of my vehicle.  They know how to hook you on their product!  But, did you  know if you call them trying to cancel, they will keep dropping the price until its pretty cheap?  The last time I called to cancel mine, the price started at about $125.00 for 6 months, and the person I was talking to came down to about $40.00 for 6 months.  Just be sure to call BEFORE your current subscription runs out, or you have to pay for the part of the subscription you have used.  They don't send a bill until after the next subscription has started.  I decided to go ahead and cancel mine completely though, since I can listen to books and free radio.... well for free!    But $40.00 for 6 months isn't bad.

3.  When I am trying to eat right, or exercise, it doesn't have to be ALL OR NOTHING!  Even doing the right thing health-wise most of the time, is very good!  I don't have to never have another Diet Coke!  I don't have to never have any real sweets!  Its ok occasionally.  And that way I don't feel deprived so much.    As my husband says in his deep eastern NC Southern drawl,  "You don't have to take a bath in it!"  If I don't get my steps in every single day, its still ok.

4.  Speaking of getting steps in,  I am proud to say I usually do get in the recommended 10,000 steps most days.  I started out feeling like I would never be able to reach that goal, but now its easy for me to do.  I found out that its easy to walk inside.  No more using the weather or not having a good place to walk as an excuse.   Its not as boring as a treadmill to me.  I simply walk  back and forth from one point in my house to the other.  Listening to something on my phone is very helpful to make the time pass.  I also walk on my lunch break inside my office., upstairs where no one is watching.  I love listening to instagram stories of certain people while walking, or an audio book.  (See number 1 above.)  Walking 20 minutes before work, 30 minutes at lunch time at work and 20 minutes or so after work, is usually enough to reach my goal.  The other times of walking in the course of the day also add up.

I was given a Fitbit as a birthday gift in 2018 and rarely take it off now.  I love it.  Even bought my husband one for Christmas and he loves his too.  He loves to get more steps than me...

5.  As far as eating right, I am fine, until I get through eating what should be enough.  That's when I want to just keep eating!  Just one handful of nuts.  Just a couple of cookies.  Just a few chips.  And its so hard to not do this!  I have found that if I will make myself a cup of coffee, (half caff or full caff if its not too late in the day) and I can get past those end of meal cravings.  Or if I can ignore the cravings and get busy doing something else, I can usually get past it.  There's no eating for me after I brush and floss at night, so I've avoided many a late night ice cream snack, by not wanting to brush my teeth again.

Well, no pictures today, just words. 

To be continued......

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Can cleaning be enjoyable?

I'm always in a hurry when it comes to cleaning!  Squeezing in a few minutes here and there and then on Saturday, a couple of hours... and its still not done.

So, I've decided if I have to do it, it may as well be enjoyable!  In this picture I was drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying a candle while cleaning the bedroom which included dusting, decluttering, dust bunny evictions and organizing.

I put on a "clean with me" You Tube video for motivation!  Another option would be to play fast music or what ever kind of music you enjoy.

 Things I have done or read that would help make cleaning more enjoyable:

1.  Use a timer and race against the clock to get a job done.

2.  Listen to an audio book while cleaning.

3.  Do the worst job first thing in the morning, so you won't be dreading it all day.  Then you can enjoy looking at the finished job the rest of the day and be proud of yourself.

4.  Use cleaning products that you enjoy and that make the process easier.  Some products have a great scent.

5.  Wear a pedometer or Fitbit and see how many steps you can get while cleaning.  Cleaning can be a good workout, especially if you are crawling around on the floor cleaning under furniture, etc.

6.  Dedicate some of your cleaning time to prayer for a specific purpose.  If something is laying heavy on your mind, you can pray while you clean.

7.  Do small jobs throughout the week so you don't have to do a marathon cleaning later on.

8.  Clean with somebody.  It could be a family member or a friend.  Have a cleaning party!

9.  Reward yourself when the job is done.  It could be something as simple as just stopping for a cup of coffee or snack every few minutes, or something bigger, like a new outfit when Spring cleaning is done.

10.  This may not be an option for everybody, but the ultimate way to enjoy cleaning, is to hire a professional!  I've never paid anybody to clean my house, but it sure sounds good! 

And just a little bit of cuteness..... Grandbaby on a Quilt!

 How do you feel about cleaning? Can it be enjoyable?

 Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A Quilt Story

I normally would only post pictures of quilts if I was working on a new quilt or had finished one and had pictures of the completed quilt.  But, life happens and sometimes there is a sad quilt story.  Thankfully, this is rare!

Two weeks ago the house my stepdaughter, her husband and three children (ages 2, 4 and 6)  were living in caught fire and they lost almost everything.  The wonderful thing about this tragic event is that they all got out safely without having a hair on their head hurt.  Thanks be to God!  They were renting this house while waiting for a new house to be built.  Thankfully they bought a smoke detector since there was not one there.  The smoke detector woke them from a deep sleep, each parent grabbed a child or two and ran outside.  They put the children in their van.  The fire was spreading so quickly they could not even go back in to get the keys to the van!!!  They only were wearing what ever they were sleeping in.  No shoes.  No coats (and it was a cold night).  I don't have to say any more about how close a call this was!  Sadly, two dogs didn't survive.

We are so thankful that they got out and also for another wonderful thing that came out of this situation.  The family and community have been absolutely amazing!  They were offered a fully furnished house to stay in at no cost.  By the second day after the fire they were living in this generously offered home.   They have been given so many things, including cash and replacement clothes, toys, etc.  They are overwhelmed with the kindness of people they have never even met!  Honestly, they have more clothes than they have ever had.   It will be a long time before everything is replaced.  You don't think about all the "things" we need and use everyday.  The list goes on and on, from driver's licenses to a basic screwdriver.  But they are doing just fine!  In a few months they will be able to move into their new "forever" home.

As we all know, "things" can be replaced!

My stepson-inlaw brought me these quilts that I had made, to see if they could be saved.  I tried very hard, but for most of them, it just wasn't meant to be.  The chemicals in the smoke or soot on them acted as some type of acid which ate holes in the fabric, dissolved quilting threads and quilt batting.  It was also impossible to get the stains out and I'm not sure if the smoke smell could have been removed.

Only one of the quilts is salvageable.  It is the quilt I made back in  early 2011 shown HERE and the name of it is "Farmhouse Magic":  It was stored in a closet that was at the opposite end of the house from where the fire started and only had a couple of small spots on it.  I think it will be just fine.  I aired it out on the clothesline for several hours and then washed and dried it as normal.

THIS sailboat baby quilt that I named "Blue Skies From Now On" was at the daycare, so it was safe! There were three more baby quilts that couldn't even be found.

Here are before and after pictures of the ones I tried to save: 

I already had in my mind (on that never ending quilt dream list) a plan to make each of the children a new twin size quilt.  So I'm going to get on that ASAP.  It takes me a while to make a quilt, but maybe you'll see some progress on that soon.

Have a great day and check those smoke detectors!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A Book and a Bible Study...

Just a few quick notes today.

1.  What I am reading:  A book called "SLOW" by Brooke McAlary.  Actually I'm not reading it, but listening to it on my phone and in the car.  There is an app called "Overdrive" that I am using along with my local library that allows me to listen to books for free.  I am loving this.  Hopefully, no matter where you live, you might be able to do this.

This book has lots of good ideas for decluttering, minimalism, cutting back on technology, social media, etc.  I am getting lots of good motivation for decluttering! 

2.  A new Bible Study:  Proverbs 31 Ministries is offering a new Bible study called "Its Not Supposed To Be Like This".  You can sign up for this free Bible study HERE.  You will need the book, but usually they have the first few chapters free on their website.  That way you can try it and see if its something you would like well enough to purchase the book.

This Bible study looks helpful in handling those disappointments and hurts that we all experience from time to time whether they be Big or small.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Glimpses of Home, Christmas 2018

Here are a few glimpses of Christmas 2018 in our home.  

My newest grandchild's Christmas Stocking.that I made.

I hope your Christmas was merry!  Happy New Year, as well!

Thoughts from Debbie J.

I thought I'd just leave this tab for a new post on my blog open, and as a thought comes to me, I'll type it up! 1.  I am currentl...