Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Morning Joys

I am finding joy today:

 in new beginnings, even if it is just an ordinary Monday morning beginning, first work day of the week beginning...

For the Seniors' Devotional Bible that Hubby and I are reading together.  It was a gift I gave my Mama, but she preferred her old Bible that was well worn, full of newspaper clippings, pictures and church bulletins, and never used this one.... 

For decorating and quilting magazines that keep me inspired....

For this Mother's Day gift that I will work on at my leisure and then present back to my daughter as a gift to her, and the joy in realizing the cup on the front is the same pattern as the bowl that belonged to my Mama...

For the bowl and cookie jar that matches the cup in the above book, and for the Blue Willow cup I found in a thrift store to add to my collection that was started from the one platter that belonged to Mama.

For happy little boys... picking flowers in the "meadow"..

Running around the bend to see what's on the other side of those trees grandma!....

And laughing out loud with joy while sitting in the dappled sunlight on Mother's Day.

What are you finding joy in this Monday morning?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Little Baby Sewing

I made this baby name banner for Grandson #5, due in late August.  I plan to use it at the baby shower and then Jake's parents can use it in his room, if they wish.

I'm not sure if anyone is interested in how I made it, but it was very easy to do.  I used Dollar Tree paper alphabet letters for tracing the letters, double sided fusible interfacing, a home made cardboard triangle shaped template and the applique (zigzag) stitch on my sewing machine. 

Here are a couple of Mother's Day pictures of two of the boys.

Dylan, Age 6 & 3/4ths

Eli age 10 months

We had a great Mother's Day, with simple foods, no restaurant crowds, and lots of love shared.

She's Here! Victoria!

Its been an exciting week! Victoria arrived on Monday and I kept her brother for 3 days. Only bad thing is that today I am home from work ...