Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Cleaning In The Storage Building

This is the small storage building that my Hubby has designated as mine.  It contains so many different kinds of things including, but not limited to gardening supplies, gardening tools, plastic totes full of various household items, kids' yard toys, flower pots, potting soil, fertilizer, clothes drying racks, Christmas trees, canning jars and supplies, vases, wreaths, cemetery flowers, garden flags and much, much more.

The weather was so beautiful on Saturday, I thought it would be a good idea to work in the building.  It won't be long before winter will be here and I won't want to be working outside.  So, I spent a  couple of hours trying to get it in some kind of order.  The main problem is that I have stored some small pieces of furniture out there and when I put the furniture in there, I put it in the middle, just so the door would still close.  Then things got put on top of the furniture and it was down hill from there!

My goodness!

After two hours, everything is straightened up and it looks so much better.  Its still not pretty to look at, but that's ok.  It is an outside storage building after all!   I need to spend some time going through things, decluttering, etc., but I made some great progress.  Here's an after picture that shows we can now actually walk inside the building.

We threw away a large black garbage bag filled with trash, two boxes of old newspapers and an old metal dresser chair.

My cleaning zone for this week is the living room and front porch.  I've already decluttered and deep cleaned most of this area, so I just need to do maintenance cleaning.  Things like cleaning under furniture, detail dusting and cleaning under the cushions on the couch.

I have to say that my home is the cleanest its been since we moved in!  I am loving it.  In addition to my zone cleaning, I now have a morning cleaning routine that I do before work which is mostly just straightening everything up.  Its so nice to walk into a clean house after work every day.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Cute Treats For The Child with Food Allergies

I saw this idea on Facebook and since we have one grandson who has food allergies, namely peanuts and beans, I made a few.

They are so easy. All you need are clear plastic cups, grapes, marshmallows, a sharpie and some press and seal or plastic wrap.  You draw the face on the outside of the cups after placing the grapes and marshmallows inside. Then Just cover with the wrap.

Monday, October 24, 2016

My attempt at a Pinterest Pantry...

I Keep tweaking our pantry, trying to organize it and make it work better for us. I study Pinterest looking for ideas.  Well, my pantry would NOT qualify as a pretty Pinterest pantry, but I did get some pretty good ideas.

The Flashlights are all together, ready for the next power outage, which I hope is a long time from now!

Lots of the Pinterest pantry pictures had cute chalkboard labels that were supposedly sold at Dollar Tree.  My Dollar Tree didn't have them and the clerk said she didn't know if they ever had. I didn't have time to look in other stores, so I just bought a pack of these labels and used a black sharpie to write the labels.  The red totes came from Dollar Tree also and came in several colors.

The shelves are deep, so if I have items that don't fit in the totes, there is room behind them.

I like this towel lined basket for our potatoes.

I came up with this system for storing canned foods by buying soda can organizers at Dollar tree and using wire shelves that I already had.  I like this system because I can see at a glance what we need and we can keep them rotated by expiration date easily by always putting new cans in the back and pulling from the front when getting a new can out.

I store small appliances that aren't used on a daily basis on the top shelf above the canned items. 

This bottom shelf is where Hubby and I put our lunch bags after work every day.  You can see the bread maker is stored in the back of the deep shelf.  I haven't used that in a LONG time.  Its not good to use a bread maker too often when one is trying eat low carb. LOL

Here are all the plastic wraps, aluminum foil, garbage bags, zipper bags, etc.  The shelves are deep, so in back are stored some more seldom used items, such as the large stock pot on the right.

My attempt at a Pinterest Pantry is an ongoing process.  We will finish painting the shelves and I may eventually find the chalkboard labels and make some other improvements, but it will probably not ever be considered a Pinterest Pantry!

This week's Fall cleaning zone is the master bedroom and closet.  I've been waiting for this zone to come around again because the closet needs some work!  Also, its time to switch out the summer clothes for fall and winter things.  We still have some warm weather around here, but I won't be wearing some of the sleeveless and thinner things again until next spring.

Have a great day and week!  I am thoroughly enjoying our fall weather here in North Carolina!

Monday, October 17, 2016

In The Land of Cotton

Of all the crops that are planted behind our house, I love cotton the best.  Hurricane Matthew has damaged it some and so its not quite as pretty as I had hoped.  The little cotton balls are kind of hard and didn't open up fully.

I always think of my Mama when I see cotton.  She picked more than her share in her early years.  She would often tell me stories of her cotton picking days.  Mama was a hard working woman.  She helped my grandfather keep the farm going while all her brothers were away in the war.  Even in her later years she could work circles around me!

These boys love to run around in the fields.  They are technically city boys, but they have some country farmer blood in them, since they are related to me!

Homemaking plans for this week:  Continue with Fall cleaning and Spend 15 minutes a day doing daily cleaning.  The weekend was so busy, I didn't get my basic maintenance cleaning done, so I hope to do it during the week before work.  Its easy to do 15 minutes of work each morning and it really makes a difference.  The zone I'm working on this week in doing my Fall cleaning is the hallway and guest bedroom.