Friday, April 24, 2015

Bible Study

Happy Friday!

This is week two of an online Bible Study that I am participating in and enjoying very much.  The name of the Bible Study is "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith" and its being offered by Proverbs 31 Ministries.  There are also daily devotions on the Proverbs 31 website that I enjoy.

The Bible Study is free, but you do need the book, which was written by Lysa TerKeurst.  I like instant gratification, so I got the book on my Kindle.  Now that Ive been doing the Bible Study for a couple of weeks, I really wish I had bought the actual book.  I checked my local Christian book store, but this particular book isn't in their stock.  Its not a new book, so I guess that's why.  In the future, when I do a Bible Study, I will go ahead and get the book.

But, one good thing about having the book on the Kindle is that I can read it during the night without bothering my Hubby!

I made myself a Bible study notebook using a plain white notebook that I already had.  I inserted some pretty scrapbook paper inside the front, back and on the spine of the notebook.  Then I created some pages to write on each day. 

At the end of each chapter are questions and Bible verses to look up.  The notebook is a great place to write down answers to questions, copy down Bible verses, and write prayers.  I usually go to the kitchen table in the mornings to do my Bible study.  I plan to go back to this notebook in the future to refresh my memory on the things I am learning.

This Bible study has been very helpful to me in learning to Trust God.  What does my future hold?  I'm not sure, but I want to walk in faith and find out!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2015


I finished a quilt for my new nephew, Brayden.

I washed and dried this quilt before giving it away.
I wanted to finish it before he was born, but that just didn't happen.  The center of the quilt is a solid piece of fabric.  I thought it was so cute just like it was, I couldn't see the point in cutting it up and then sewing it back together again.  This type of quilt sure does go together quickly!

The backing fabric is red, white and blue stars.

Brayden's Mom loves this quilt.  Its perfect for a little boy.

Monday, February 23, 2015

This Week's Quilting Project

Just a short post to show what I'm working on this week.

A new nephew, Brayden, was born last week.  I wanted to have this done before he was born, but since he only weighs 5 pounds 1 ounce, I think its safe to say he won't need this size quilt too soon!

I finished pin basting it and have the sewing machine all set up for quilting.  So, hopefully, I can finish it this week.

Its raining here this morning.  Of course it is!  Its Monday!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Icy Day Sewing - Part 2

It turns out that my office is closed all day, so I had time to do a little sewing.  In case you already thought I was a little quirky, here's confirmation.  I made a clothespin bag and took pictures of it hanging from the front porch with the wintry scene behind it.

Thinking of summer days with clothes on the line and wishing you a cozy day!