Monday, March 31, 2014

Glimpses of Home

Happy Monday Morning to you!

I'm sorry to  see another weekend come to an end.  But, as I've always said, I'm so thankful for my job. 

A camellia blossom with the red barn in the background.
On Sunday we met with family for lunch and here is another back of a sweet grandchild's head.  This was Walt checking out another baby in a high chair behind him.  This is his baby hair that hasn't ever been cut and it has a little curl to it.

This is Hubby's back which showcases an NC State shirt.  Go Pack!

Here's a little glimpse of home.  If you look closely you can see the farmhouse through this little opening in the trees behind it.

The barn quilt.

In our area there are many fields that look like a sea of green which is the wheat that has just started growing.  I took this picture while riding in the car.  I think the dark green wheat with the ominous sky over the little barn is an interesting shot.

These scenes are everywhere!  This is an old uninhabited house with a tractor parked beside it.

Another shot of the opening in the trees with some "more" green wheat peeking through.

The quince blooms are opening up even more and will soon be gone, making way for more Spring flowers elsewhere in the yard.

Yesterday was so cold and windy here!  But this week's forecast looks fantastic.  Upper 70s and even a couple of days that hit 80.  So ready!

Today we find out the gender of our 2nd grandchild to be born in 2014.  Will it be a fifth grandson or our first granddaughter?  I'll let you know!

Enjoy your Monday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend in Pictures

This little one (Eli) has reached the crawling/rolling get there anyway you can stage. You know, the stage where every picture you take is the back of his head or a blur! But, isn't this the sweetest little back of a head?

Here are a couple of home quotes in my daughter's home.

There are a few early spring blooms in the farmhouse yard:

I picked this camellia bloom and strategically placed it in the trees for a picture.

Then it found a home on the windowsill in front of my kitchen sink, amongst the African Violets.

Oh, well, its Monday again.  Have a great day!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Must Be Spring!

The calendar says its Spring:

Small towns say its Spring:

Daffodils are blooming:

It must really be Spring!!! YAY!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Few Pictures

I recently read that pictures should tell a story. Well, these don't tell the story on their own, so I'll fill you in.

A severe winter destroyed my tea cup bird feeder.  Next year they should be put away in the storage building!

Brave irises start to grow despite winter's wrath not being over yet.

A new raised bed put together by my husband for my birthday.  I think 4 tomato plants will grow well here.

Sad little lettuce plants.  They survived last week's ice storm.  With a little spring sunshine, they should rebound.  We'll see!

An orchid that was a gift to Mama when she was in the hospital about 2 years ago.  I repotted it in orchid potting soil and patiently waited.  I was rewarded with these beautiful blooms this week.

We have had glorious weather for four days, but it will be rainy, windy and stormy today.  High tomorrow:  low 40s.  Spring is on the way.

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Spring Pocketbooks

I worked on some new Spring pocketbooks Saturday. I got inspiration from a pin on my "Fashion Over Forty for the Regular Woman" on Pinterest HERE.   I had just enough of the almost identical fabric on hand.  I really need to stock up on some black fabric though!

I made the little flowers in three different colors:  pink, red and purple.  They are just safety pinned on, so its easy to change them to match my outfit, or just remove it altogether.   I may make some flowers in more colors like green, blue or yellow.


I didn't make any pockets in the lining at all.  I am going to just move the purse organizer that I have been using from bag to bag.  Takes about 10 seconds to change pocketbooks!



Then I made a tan/brown one to use when I am wearing brown.  With this one I experimented with not adding a lining.  This one is made using the outer fabric, quilt batting and a backing fabric.  I just used a backing fabric that looked good as the lining and made french seams on the sides.  It turned out ok and was definitely quicker.  However, I did learn as I went and will do things a little differently next time.  If I am making myself several bags, this saves a lot of time and fabric.

I wore this pink top yesterday and used the bag with the pink flower.

The flower is just a "Yo Yo" with a button sewn in the center.  There's a video on You Tube HERE that shows how to make them.

As a side note, I didn't spend ANY money making these bags.  I had everything on hand.  The buttons came from my button jar.  You could also use some of your old jewelry to embellish a bag.  Before discarding clothing with buttons or old costume jewelry, think about how you could use them. 

Have a great week!!!

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