Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Few Pictures

I recently read that pictures should tell a story. Well, these don't tell the story on their own, so I'll fill you in.

A severe winter destroyed my tea cup bird feeder.  Next year they should be put away in the storage building!

Brave irises start to grow despite winter's wrath not being over yet.

A new raised bed put together by my husband for my birthday.  I think 4 tomato plants will grow well here.

Sad little lettuce plants.  They survived last week's ice storm.  With a little spring sunshine, they should rebound.  We'll see!

An orchid that was a gift to Mama when she was in the hospital about 2 years ago.  I repotted it in orchid potting soil and patiently waited.  I was rewarded with these beautiful blooms this week.

We have had glorious weather for four days, but it will be rainy, windy and stormy today.  High tomorrow:  low 40s.  Spring is on the way.


Little Penpen said...

Yes! Spring is on the way, I sat outside yesterday and just listened. The sounds were definitely spring!!! Your orchid is beautiful. What kind of wood does your hubby use for your raised beds? We used cinder blocks, but I think wood might be less expensive?? (not sure)

Auntie M said...

The two of you are so good with plants! I look forward to Spring here, too.

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