Monday, February 25, 2013

Glimpses of Home

We didn't use the gas logs at all last winter and not too much this winter. A recent cold, wet day was a good opportunity to enjoy the fire, with a cup of dark hot chocolate.

A thoughtful gift from a sweet daughter. A Primrose.   She is 4 months pregnant and was experiencing morning sickness all day long this past week.  Even so, she went to the trouble to think of me...

I've been on a candle burning binge lately. I have been pulling out all the candles that had accumulated and burning them in all kinds of containers. This one is stuck down inside a container that previously held an apple cinnamon candle that had been completely burned.

Some recent quilting.   A small dream accomplished.  Being able to quilt swirls.

Valentine Roses.   I am spoiled often around here.

Mama's African Violet.  I turned it around and found the side that had been facing the window to be full of blooms, even up under the bottom of the leaves.

More pictures of the Primrose.

Its Monday again. Another work week. The last week in February. Time marches on....

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Heart Strings Post

The nursing home where Mama was a resident has an annual remembrance service for all the residents who died during the previous year. Yesterday we had the privilege of attending this sweet service.

As each deceased person's name was called, their family was presented with a small gift:

After some music, words of comfort and refreshments, there was a memory balloon release. 

This is the Arican Violet that was in Mama's room that she loved.  Purple was her favorite color.  It now sits in my kitchen window and is blooming again.

Love u Mama!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

About Once A Year

If we are lucky, about once a year we get some snow. Today we are getting a pretty snow, but since it was in the sixties yesterday the road and ground are very warm.  So, no accumulation on the roads. Just the grass and other things will get a little accumulation.

As I was sorting the children's fabrics in this box in the sewing room...

Outside it looked like this:

I gotta get rid of this pumpkin soon!

The flakes are huge and wet!

I won't be wearing these flip flops today!

No worries.  Around here it can be snowing one day and flip flop weather the next!  I love that we don't get too much cold weather.  There's just enough to be able to experience the seasons.

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Mile Stone

When I noticed that today is February 8th, I realized that today makes 25 years since the first day I started my job! Even though I would love to be a stay at home person, I thank God frequently for my job and the people I work for and with. Its been such a blessing to me over the years.

I couldn't resist showing you the lunch my hubby packed for me earlier this week....

I saw him putting some orange things in there and sure was hoping it wasn't carrots! Gotta love a guy who puts Cheetos and a yummy sandwich in your lunch, along with a cup of crushed ice that you can add Diet Coke to when you get to work. Isn't he the greatest?!

Here are a couple of pictures of my office taken last Spring.

By day I am a Paralegal....

At night and on the weekends I quilt and sew.  Here are a couple of my current projects in progress.

I hope your weekend is filled with blessings. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thrifting and Junking

I picked up a few things at a thrift store and the funky junk store a few months ago and thought I'd show them to you. When I see things I love that cost next to nothing, I just can't resist. This is why I try to stay out of those kinds of stores most of the time. Its hard not to, since they are within walking distance of my office, but the winter weather keeps me inside most of the time. The only thing is that in North Carolina, there are a few warm days in the 70s in the dead of winter. Its a shame not to get out and walk on those days (wink, wink). LOL

One of my favorites is this old cream with a navy stripe bowl.  Its small and so cute.  I love it.

I have a small collection of white pitchers.  Here's one.

This one is sitting in an old stoneware bowl,  The bowl was at the thrift store for about 50 cents I think!  The pitcher and all the others in this post came from the junk store.

This one is in the corner cabinet in the dining room.

Another 50 cent purchase from the thrift store.  Its a Fire King with the candle glow design baking dish.  I had this idea that at Christmas I'd give some vintage items as gifts.  I even bought these matching kitchen towels to go with the baking dish.

 But in the end, I decided to keep this dish because, 1.  I wasn't sure the recipients would understand why I was giving them a used gift and 2.  I kind of wanted to keep the baking dish for myself!.  I love dishes and especially vintage ones like this.

This is another white pitcher used for storing some kitchen utensils.

I found two galvanized metal watering cans with flower designs on them.  They were cheap and I couldn't resist the sunflower one....

or the Zinnias! This one is on top of a wooden cabinet in the sewing room. That's a sewing box beside it that contains cross stitching supplies. I picked up the spring artificial flowers to make a cheerful little corner.

Frugal Friday - Saving for Christmas 2020

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