Saturday, February 16, 2013

About Once A Year

If we are lucky, about once a year we get some snow. Today we are getting a pretty snow, but since it was in the sixties yesterday the road and ground are very warm.  So, no accumulation on the roads. Just the grass and other things will get a little accumulation.

As I was sorting the children's fabrics in this box in the sewing room...

Outside it looked like this:

I gotta get rid of this pumpkin soon!

The flakes are huge and wet!

I won't be wearing these flip flops today!

No worries.  Around here it can be snowing one day and flip flop weather the next!  I love that we don't get too much cold weather.  There's just enough to be able to experience the seasons.


Meggie said...

I had to laugh when I saw your pumpkin....mine seem to hang around for a while, too!

Denise said...

All day long my NC facebook friends have been so excited to be getting a little of the white stuff. We are probably going to get a little more overnight here in Maine, but soon it will be melting and spring will be here!

Debby said...

We too got some snow yesterday, LOVE IT. I hope we can get more cold weather this year as it would help kill off some of the bugs in the garden

Auntie M said...

It looked like snowballs were falling for a short time in Raleigh yesterday. We delayed coming home after the game because weather forcasters warned of black ice and highway accidents.

I still love to see it come down.

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