Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ice on the Pumpkin!

Its an icy morning here in eastern North Carolina! We have 100 counties in the state that stretch from the Smokey Mountains to the Outer banks, and 97 of them were under a winter weather advisory yesterday and last night.

Click HERE to see a You Tube video of wild horses walking in the snow right beside the ocean at Corolla, NC, which is on the outerbanks.  Amazing!  We didn't get a flake of snow, just ice. 

Yes, there is still a pumpkin in our yard. My hubby brought this huge, heavy pumpkin home in September. It looked beautiful in our yard for fall. But, he had knee surgery in November and was housebound for several weeks. It was too heavy for either of us to move and so I rolled it behind this tree so that it couldn't be seen from the road. However, I can see it looking out the kitchen window and noticed it had a glaze of ice on it this morning.

I like fall, so it lets me relive that season a little every time I look out the window!

The ice is covering everything else in the yard this morning too.

A good day for plenty of this:


I am thawing these tomatoes for vegetable soup:

I'll be simmering the soup, burning candles, drinking coffee and working in my sewing room today.

Oh yeah, laundry too!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sewing Room Dreams

You might not want to go in there! This was a picture taken yesterday when I was cleaning my sewing room.  When I do a big clean up of a room I tend to start in one corner and push and throw things toward the doorway.  I hope to show an "after" picture later this week.

I absolutely love having a sewing room, but it does take maintenance to keep it nice. I need to do more of this as I go along, instead of waiting until its so bad that I don't even want to go in there, much less sew in there.

This means cleaning up after each project by putting away the large pieces of fabrics in their proper places and then cutting up the scraps into usable sizes and filing them away.

Here's just one basket of scraps that has accumulated!

Once I finish my sewing room overhaul, I think I will get more sewing done and enjoy my light filled space once again.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Walt is here! Healthy, pink and sweet. 8 pounds, 7 ounces. 21 inches long. The delivery was quick for the first time Mom.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Sewing

Every now and then I go through a stage where I just don't want to do any sewing and am just coming out of the other end of one of these "stages".  In fact I haven't wanted to do much of anything lately.  2012 was a tough year and I guess I just needed to let some things go for a while.

But, anyway,  I've been needing to make myself a new pocketbook and even cut one out before Christmas.

Finally, on Saturday I drug myself into the sewing room and literally made myself work on it. I had the day to myself as Hubby was on an all day business trip in Columbia, SC.   You should have seen the size of his knee after being on it with no elevation for about 12 hours straight!  Its back to normal this morning as he heads off to work.  He puts it up on his trashcan off an on throughout the work day.

I REALLY did not want to sew, but made myself get started. I would sew for 30 minutes and then go switch out the laundry or spend 15 minutes organizing Christmas stuff.

As I made progress on the pocketbook, I gained momentum and finished it.

Lately, I've been enjoying carrying larger bags, so this one is pretty big.

I even made a matching key fob.

Sunday morning when I left for church I was so glad I finished it and enjoyed carrying the new pocketbook and key fob very much!

I think I may have gotten my sewing mojo back.  I even started a new quilt project which you can read about on my Angel Scraps Quilting blog.

Friday, January 4, 2013

On My Sewing Table Friday

Here are some sewing projects from this week.

Cupcake Key Fob:

Walt's Scrap Quilt:

Striped Clothespin Bag:

I hope to be able to do some sewing this weekend.

Have a blessed weekend yourself!

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