Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sewing To Sell Book

This looks like an interesting read for anyone who wants to make money from home. I love sewing gifts for my family and also items to sell in my Etsy Shop. The problem is to figure out what people actually want! It also has to be something that doesn't take forever to make.

One of my favorite things to make to sell is Clothespin Bags. But, I have to face it, not too many people are in the market for those in this day and time! I think I could sell quilts, but they take me forever to make!

So there might be some ideas in this book.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Sewing/Quilting Clips Lightning Deal

I've been wanting to try some of these kinds of clips for holding down the binding when either machine sewing it or hand sewing it. And the little tins are so cute too. They are on sale for $7.88 on a lightning deal for another hour and 40 minutes

After that I "think"  they will be $9.88.  Be sure to check your price before hitting the purchase button!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Anxious For Nothing - A Bible Study

I thought I would share a new On Line Bible Study that starts Monday.  Its based on the book, "Anxious For Nothing" by Max Lucado.  Its being offered by the Proverbs 31 Ministry at THIS LINK.

The Bible study is free, but you have to furnish your own book.  I got mine at the library.  I hope to be able to renew it in order to finish the Bible study.  My library also has it in E-Reader format, but all their copies are already on loan.  I have my name on the waiting list just in case.

You can download the first 3 chapters from Proverbs 31 if you want to do the Bible study, but don't have a book yet.

You can order the book from Proverbs 31 which helps to support their ministry or from Amazon in print form or digital format HERE.

Any time is a good time to learn about not being anxious, but this time of year is an especially good time!

Cast all your anxiety on Him, because he cares for you.  1 Peter 5:7

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Here comes November!

Happy November!

One of my grandsons on a beautiful Fall day.

I have been plugging away steadily decluttering and organizing in the zones in the farmhouse, each week working in what ever zone the Flylady is in.  If you haven't heard of Flylady, its a wonderful program for getting organized and getting things done!  I have implemented the Flylady principles off and on for years and haven't found any other method that works as well.

Last week we were working in the master bedroom and closet.  It was the perfect time for switching to my Fall and Winter clothes and storing the Summer ones!  I filled up a couple of boxes with shoes and clothes that I no longer like, or don't fit and actually dropped them off at the thrift shop right away, instead of riding them around in the back of my vehicle for days or weeks.

I didn't quite finish doing what I wanted to get done in that closet, so this week, I have been doing tiny jobs each day.  I can get so much done by breaking up big jobs into small bite size jobs.  Sometimes its a micro size bite of the job, but eventually the job will get done if I hang in there!

The first 2 days of this week were dedicated to the living room.  I have three jobs in mind for that area.  Number 1 is to purge some old magazines that are stored in a basket.  Number 2 is to clean the dust bunnies from under the furniture. Number 3 is to vacuum under the cushions on the couch.  None of those are too much work, but need to be done.

The rest of the week will be spent on the front porch and entry way.  Neither of those areas need much work, but I do need to get rid of some scraggly plants that are on the porch and sweep.  There are also some pumpkins that are beginning to look a little bad, so I need to check on those.  I'll leave my fall decorations up for a couple of more weeks though.

I've been planning for Christmas, following along with Flylady's "Cruising Through The Holidays" plan.  I haven't made too much progress, but I'm working on it!  I bought a red journal to keep my lists and ideas in.   I plan to get more serious about getting ready for Christmas early now that November is here. 

I hope your November is peaceful and blessed!

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