Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thrifting and Junking

I picked up a few things at a thrift store and the funky junk store a few months ago and thought I'd show them to you. When I see things I love that cost next to nothing, I just can't resist. This is why I try to stay out of those kinds of stores most of the time. Its hard not to, since they are within walking distance of my office, but the winter weather keeps me inside most of the time. The only thing is that in North Carolina, there are a few warm days in the 70s in the dead of winter. Its a shame not to get out and walk on those days (wink, wink). LOL

One of my favorites is this old cream with a navy stripe bowl.  Its small and so cute.  I love it.

I have a small collection of white pitchers.  Here's one.

This one is sitting in an old stoneware bowl,  The bowl was at the thrift store for about 50 cents I think!  The pitcher and all the others in this post came from the junk store.

This one is in the corner cabinet in the dining room.

Another 50 cent purchase from the thrift store.  Its a Fire King with the candle glow design baking dish.  I had this idea that at Christmas I'd give some vintage items as gifts.  I even bought these matching kitchen towels to go with the baking dish.

 But in the end, I decided to keep this dish because, 1.  I wasn't sure the recipients would understand why I was giving them a used gift and 2.  I kind of wanted to keep the baking dish for myself!.  I love dishes and especially vintage ones like this.

This is another white pitcher used for storing some kitchen utensils.

I found two galvanized metal watering cans with flower designs on them.  They were cheap and I couldn't resist the sunflower one....

or the Zinnias! This one is on top of a wooden cabinet in the sewing room. That's a sewing box beside it that contains cross stitching supplies. I picked up the spring artificial flowers to make a cheerful little corner.


Meggie said...

These are the best kind of "finds". I also love to bargain big price tags for me. Great post!

Auntie M said...

I have missed you in the blogosphere!! Glad to see you back on. You find the neatest items in your sunny day walking.The pitchers and other vintage items are neat.

Pen Pen said...

Yes, we do love our thrift stores! So many treasures to be found. I really like the little blue bowl, too.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I love your idea of using beautiful pitchers to store utensils! Thanks for sharing...not I need to start looking for a beautiful pitcher or two. LOL
Lisa :O)

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