Monday, March 3, 2014

New Spring Pocketbooks

I worked on some new Spring pocketbooks Saturday. I got inspiration from a pin on my "Fashion Over Forty for the Regular Woman" on Pinterest HERE.   I had just enough of the almost identical fabric on hand.  I really need to stock up on some black fabric though!

I made the little flowers in three different colors:  pink, red and purple.  They are just safety pinned on, so its easy to change them to match my outfit, or just remove it altogether.   I may make some flowers in more colors like green, blue or yellow.


I didn't make any pockets in the lining at all.  I am going to just move the purse organizer that I have been using from bag to bag.  Takes about 10 seconds to change pocketbooks!



Then I made a tan/brown one to use when I am wearing brown.  With this one I experimented with not adding a lining.  This one is made using the outer fabric, quilt batting and a backing fabric.  I just used a backing fabric that looked good as the lining and made french seams on the sides.  It turned out ok and was definitely quicker.  However, I did learn as I went and will do things a little differently next time.  If I am making myself several bags, this saves a lot of time and fabric.

I wore this pink top yesterday and used the bag with the pink flower.

The flower is just a "Yo Yo" with a button sewn in the center.  There's a video on You Tube HERE that shows how to make them.

As a side note, I didn't spend ANY money making these bags.  I had everything on hand.  The buttons came from my button jar.  You could also use some of your old jewelry to embellish a bag.  Before discarding clothing with buttons or old costume jewelry, think about how you could use them. 

Have a great week!!!


Little Penpen said...

Beautiful Debbie! And with the different color flowers, you are all set!! I've been thinking about making yo yo flowers to put on my lampshades in the living room. (using magnets) They sell for around $8-10 at the stores! crazy, right??

Debby said...

Beautiful bags!! What a great idea to change out the flowers

Meggie said...

Love your bags, especially the flowers.

Elizabeth Quigley said...

How pretty debbie. You always do good work.

A Joyful Chaos said...

So pretty! Love how you can give your bag a whole new look simply by changing the flower!

Think I'll have to try making something like that.


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