Thursday, February 27, 2014

Updates from the Farmhouse

As February, 2014 comes to an end, I thought I'd update you on some of the goings on around here. 

Grandchild number 4 is another.... (drumroll please).... BOY!

The Gender Reveal Cake

The icing on the inside was blue!

So by early July, we will have four grandsons.

But, the baby news doesn't end there!  Another grandchild is due by the end of August.  Its too early to know the gender.  My gut feeling is that this one will be a girl, but if not, having five grandsons will be wonderful!   I've got to get busy making baby quilts and hats, not to mention planning for Christmas of 2014!

I made it through another birthday!  I took a day of vacation from work in honor of me last Friday and spent the day sewing.   On Saturday, my daughter and two of my grandsons met me in a nearby town for shopping and lunch.  Here's an old picture of me and my best friend daughter.

This picture was from twenty years ago!
Hubby and I still have restaurant gift cards from Christmas, and used two of them for my birthday.  Saturday night was at a local steak house and then on Sunday morning , we went straight from church to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast.  My church service starts at 9:00 A.M., so we were able to eat before 11:00.  I love to shop in the Cracker Barrel gift shop, but don't usually actually buy much there.  But, this time I did pick up a new coffee mug.  Its from their Sanctuary Garden collection. 

Nice and large with a little weight to it! 
I've have a little Spring fever, so I'm trying my hand at growing some lettuce from seed.  These are on my kitchen window sill.  I plan to start some tomato seeds soon, but not for a couple of weeks.  I know from experience that the earlier I do this, the more work it becomes!  

I know I'm crazy, but I wouldn't mind just a few more snow days at home!

I started a Pinterest Board for "Fashion Over Forty For The Regular Woman" HERE.  I am a long ways over 40! ha ha ha ha.  But anyway, I love having the inspiration for putting together outfits from what I already have in my closet, or also knowing what one little item I need to purchase to go with things I already have that  make a whole new outfit.  I am putting my favorite outfits on this board, so I can look at it anytime I want to, without having to search everywhere on the internet.  NOTE:  I probably won't be wearing those skinny jeans because..... well I'm not skinny enough.  I'll just substitute regular jeans for those.

I have been busy sewing too!!!  I've got so many things on my sewing list, and grand babies keep being conceived who need quilts, children keep getting engaged who need quilts, and so I haven't had time to sew for my Etsy shop.  I did make a couple of clothespin bags, but there's not too much demand for those right now!   Oh well, there is a season for everything!

Well, there you have it!  A little news from me. 


Meggie said...

My have a lot going on in your family life. You do need a few more snow days...
I'll check out your Pinterest board today.

Little Penpen said...

Happy Birthday Debbie! Sounds like a perfect birthday weekend to me. Congrats! on all the little boys in your family... your own little ball team??? :)))

Rita said...

A friend of mine has 5 grandchildren all boys. Those boys have a blast together. They do not live near each other but when they all get together they play ball and many different games. Happy Birthday! Debbie. I love to watch as you decide on colors for quilts and such. This is always my "go to" blog first thing each day.

Auntie M said...

Love the Pinterest board. I follow Walking in Grace and Beauty as well.

Wonder what she would do with
Fashion over 75??????

Happy belated Birthday!!!

Rhonda said...

Grandchildren are such happy news!

About skinny jeans, I like the regular saleswoman at Dress Barn, and the last time I shopped, she almost insisted I try in skinny jeans, I did it just to humor her, oh my! I knew I would bad in them and I was right.
I wear jeans some but I really prefer my jean skirt. I'll be checking out your board

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