Thursday, February 20, 2014

Little Tiny Frugal Tip

Most of the toothpaste tubes now come with a flip top cap.  But, when you get down to  last of the toothpaste, its almost impossible to get it out because the flip top cap prevents you from being able to squeeze the tube at the top.

I bet you all knew this, but I didn't know the flip top just screws off and underneath is the standard toothpaste tube.  I felt sort of dumb because I didn't realize this.    I was complaining to Hubby about all the toothpaste that was still in the tube and he told me about it!

The toothpaste in the above picture lasted me about another week once I learned to take the flip top cap off.


Little Penpen said...

ha ha, I didn't know either. I have fought that little devil for a long time, too!

Theresa F said...

I always do this. Lots more in the tube still.

Auntie M said...

Yes, Debbie, I did know this, and am glad that you can now be even more frugal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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