Monday, February 17, 2014

An Owl and a Tooth Fairy Monster Pillow

I made a couple of fabric toys for my grandsons. 

1.  For 7 month old Eli, a Crinkly Tag Owl:

I started with a washed Cheetos bag to go on the inside for the crinkly noise.

I made a simple pattern from notebook paper.

I experimented with the layout of the eyes and nose. Then I fused them onto the fabric and zigzagged the edges to be sure nothing could come off.

For the arms and feet, I used ribbons.  Here is the finished front:

Finished back:

For 6 year old Dylan, a monster tooth fairy pillow:

I used the same pattern as I did for Eli's owl.  But, I stuffed it with polyfil and added a pocket on the front.   I also used different eyes and added teeth and little stuffed feet.

In this picture he is watching me sew!

I got the ideas for these from Pinterest and then just made my own pattern.


Rhonda said...

Those are both so nice, your grandsons will be happy with them.
I started reading your blog years ago and your daughters blog when she was either expecting or when she was home full time and Dylan was just a baby.
Hard to imagine it has been 6 years. Hard to imagine our 1st grand Gavin just turned 5 too. But it has been fun!

I fussy cut out I spy squares most of the weekend, I hope to make 3 quilts and one needs to be done by March 1. Yikes!

Have a good week, Debbie, I guess I can call you an old friend, we have cyber-known each other so long.

Little Penpen said...

Those are so cute; good job on drafting your own pattern. I was telling hubby yesterday that owls were popular these days, and I'm starting to see more and more foxes on things. He wasn't amused, but I thought he needed to know. LOL

Auntie M said...

Nifty, Debbie!

Rita said...

These owls so so cute! What a good idea to think of something different to make for each age child. Debbie, you made rolls in your bread machine a while back. I have been looking at the bread machines. Could you tell me what kind you have? Thank you!

Auntie M said...

I just went back to this blog and observed that the Tooth Fairy has surely become much more generous since Lisa and Bryan were losing teeth!!!!! From 25 cents to a Five Dollar bill.

Both gifts are cute.

Meggie said...

Adorable pattern. Owls are a favorite of mine.

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