Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend in Pictures

This little one (Eli) has reached the crawling/rolling get there anyway you can stage. You know, the stage where every picture you take is the back of his head or a blur! But, isn't this the sweetest little back of a head?

Here are a couple of home quotes in my daughter's home.

There are a few early spring blooms in the farmhouse yard:

I picked this camellia bloom and strategically placed it in the trees for a picture.

Then it found a home on the windowsill in front of my kitchen sink, amongst the African Violets.

Oh, well, its Monday again.  Have a great day!


a8383 said...

Saw our sweet grandgirl this weekend too. At 22 months she is Miss Busy Body! I just love quince! I have thought of your farmhouse as we look for a home. We have a contract!Inspection Wed- fingers crossed! Angela

Denise said...

Thanks for the photos, especially the spring blooms........I woke up to zero degrees on my thermometer, should not be that cold for us this time of year.

Terri said...

He's definitely a sweet little thing! I'm sure you are starting to enjoy much warmer temperatures. It's been in the 20s the past few days so I can't wait until the thermometer warms up!

Little Penpen said...

Cute little Eli is growing fast!! Your photo's are pretty; love the camellia bloom pics! such a pretty color. I have a camellia bush in front of my bathroom window that has overgrown the window, once again.... great for privacy, but needs trimming!!!

Auntie M said...

Love the back of Eli's head!

What is the tree with the twisted trunk? Love to see them, but my brain does not recall the name.

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