Sunday, October 25, 2020

Glimpses of Home Spring, Summer and early Fall 2020

Here are a few pictures that show glimpses of our life and home over the past few months.  I went through my pictures on my computer and picked some to share here on my blog.

This is a common sight in our back yard.  The farmers often leave their equipment right at the edge of our yard when they finish for the day.  Probably to keep it safer during the night.


Old frog in a pot that I bought at Dollar General a few years ago.

Some sour dough rising.  Like lots of people this year, I decided to try making my own sour dough starter.  It was a challenge for me, but I kept feeding that stuff and watching You Tube Videos and one day it actually doubled in size. I was so excited!!! Since then I have kept it alive in the refrigerator, feeding it about once a week.  We call it the "hootch", cause it smells like "hootch" sometimes, which is perfectly normal.  I have learned so much about sour dough!

This is a low carb tortilla with an apple filling.  It was a small chopped apple that I cooked with stevia for the sweetener in the microwave.  Then I put that in the tortilla and browned it in melted butter in a frying pan.  That is stevia that is sprinkled on the top.  Pretty Good!   I was trying to duplicate the traditional apple fritter.

Low carb Garlic bread.

Low carb spinach lasagna.


A low carb chicken broccoli and cheese dish I just threw together that has become a favorite of mine.


Basic Sour Dough Bread right out of the oven.


Two year old granddaughter in her Easter Dress. :o)


Purple Coneflower.  I grew these from seed picked up on the ground at Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC.  It has taken a couple of years since they were planted to start blooming.  I love them!


Low carb Fourth of July Dessert.


A couple of fat quarter bundles that I put to good use in a quilt that I am currently machine quilting.


I transplanted a bunch of wild petunias this year into this bed.  They come up everywhere in our yard from seed and are mostly mowed down with the grass.

 Lantana and butterfly.

Hydrangeas are a struggle for me, but we had a few blooms this year.


These blueberry muffins aren't low carb, but they do have sour dough starter in them.  They have all the normal ingredients like sugar, flour, fresh blueberries and butter in them.  Therefore, they were delicious!


More Lantana and a butterfly and a grasshopper


We are cool, right?! LOL I've made some masks, but they are so readily available now, I pretty much stopped making them.  My health insurance company sent me some "free" ones (not free considering how much the premium is) that are way more comfortable than the ones I make.



I had a lot of volunteer petunias this year.  I moved them to pots and beds.  This one was so tiny, you could hardly see it in the grass and pine straw.

 Chocolate chip sour dough muffins.  These are NOT low carb either!  But good.


Current quilt in progress.  Here I was pin basting it.



More lilies with a little yard statue.


I play Words With Friends with the computer guy, Albot.  I was proud of this word, Siliquae worth 188 points!  My highest one word score ever!  The reason it scored so high is because it touched 2 triple word spots and maybe some other double or triple letter spots.  I usually beat Albot, but I use help from the internet.  I think its only fair since I am playing against a computer! (Not sure what that word means, but its a good word.)


Fall towels that were a gift from my daughter.  Love them!  She knows I love Fall.  But she is a summer girl, through and through.


One last low carb dish.  These are egg cups.  They are mostly made of eggs, but you can put what ever you like in them such as:  broccoli, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, sausage, salsa.  You can see the broccoli and tomatoes in some of these.

 A doll quilt I am currently making as a Christmas Gift.  I am planning to hand quilt it.

 I hope you enjoyed these little glimpses into my life over the past few months!


Angela said...

Oh I was so excited to see a post from you! You look great. How did you do that eating sourdough?

Little Penpen said...

What a post full of goodies!! The low carb apple fritter caught my eye! I will probably try that today. You are making sour dough and I am sprouting beans. Lol I found a large bean sprouting jar at the thrift store last week. I plan to use them in wraps... we shall see. Your yard is pretty and I love seeing tractors parked in the fields around here. The grandbaby has a sweet little Easter dress. Enjoy your quilting this week. I finished hand quilting a table runner last night. I was almost sad to see the quilting part end. That doll quilt is adorable!! You look great.... you have been pretty consistent with low carb’ing, haven’t you?

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