Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Little Baby Sewing

I made this baby name banner for Grandson #5, due in late August.  I plan to use it at the baby shower and then Jake's parents can use it in his room, if they wish.

I'm not sure if anyone is interested in how I made it, but it was very easy to do.  I used Dollar Tree paper alphabet letters for tracing the letters, double sided fusible interfacing, a home made cardboard triangle shaped template and the applique (zigzag) stitch on my sewing machine. 

Here are a couple of Mother's Day pictures of two of the boys.

Dylan, Age 6 & 3/4ths

Eli age 10 months

We had a great Mother's Day, with simple foods, no restaurant crowds, and lots of love shared.

1 comment:

Little Penpen said...

Jake's banner is very cute! Love your pic's of the boys, too. Mother's Day sounded perfect to me. <3

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