Sunday, May 5, 2019

Can cleaning be enjoyable?

I'm always in a hurry when it comes to cleaning!  Squeezing in a few minutes here and there and then on Saturday, a couple of hours... and its still not done.

So, I've decided if I have to do it, it may as well be enjoyable!  In this picture I was drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying a candle while cleaning the bedroom which included dusting, decluttering, dust bunny evictions and organizing.

I put on a "clean with me" You Tube video for motivation!  Another option would be to play fast music or what ever kind of music you enjoy.

 Things I have done or read that would help make cleaning more enjoyable:

1.  Use a timer and race against the clock to get a job done.

2.  Listen to an audio book while cleaning.

3.  Do the worst job first thing in the morning, so you won't be dreading it all day.  Then you can enjoy looking at the finished job the rest of the day and be proud of yourself.

4.  Use cleaning products that you enjoy and that make the process easier.  Some products have a great scent.

5.  Wear a pedometer or Fitbit and see how many steps you can get while cleaning.  Cleaning can be a good workout, especially if you are crawling around on the floor cleaning under furniture, etc.

6.  Dedicate some of your cleaning time to prayer for a specific purpose.  If something is laying heavy on your mind, you can pray while you clean.

7.  Do small jobs throughout the week so you don't have to do a marathon cleaning later on.

8.  Clean with somebody.  It could be a family member or a friend.  Have a cleaning party!

9.  Reward yourself when the job is done.  It could be something as simple as just stopping for a cup of coffee or snack every few minutes, or something bigger, like a new outfit when Spring cleaning is done.

10.  This may not be an option for everybody, but the ultimate way to enjoy cleaning, is to hire a professional!  I've never paid anybody to clean my house, but it sure sounds good! 

And just a little bit of cuteness..... Grandbaby on a Quilt!

 How do you feel about cleaning? Can it be enjoyable?

 Have a great day!


Angela said...

I don't enjoy cleaning but I like a clean home so I do it! I often bribe myself. Haha! What cleaning channels do you like? I liked one but it has now gone commercial. Your grandbaby is precious!

Little Penpen said...

Love this! I clean in spurts! Then I may go for a bit and it all piles up again. I wish I was one of those people that cleaned regularly BEFORE it gets dirty!!!

Meggie said...

I'm a fan of #1 and #3....I like schedules and deadlines. I also believe in "tidy up after dinner". It starts my next morning off with a smile.

Out My window said...

Just having the time to get anything done right now would be nice.

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