Monday, September 25, 2017

Speed Cleaning in the Living Room This Week!

Happy Monday and first week of Autumn, 2017!

This week I am doing some speed cleaning in the living room!  Speed cleaning for me this week means I am going to work for 10 minutes each day before going to work, and am posting it here for accountability.

I know 10 minutes doesn't seem like much, but by Friday, if I stick to it, I will have worked for 50 minutes!

Today's 10 minutes are going to be spent as follows:

Couch and chair duty!  I'm going to remove the cushions and clean up all the crumbs and dirt that always slowly accumulate under them.  I'll pick up the biggest pieces like popcorn, etc. and then vacuum the rest with our hand held vacuum.  I'll also vacuum the cushions, the back and arms of the couch and chairs.  I'll move as quickly as possible and see if I can get all that done in 10 minutes!

I've been doing well with speed cleaning each Saturday like I described  HERE.  If you haven't read that post, it tells how I clean for an hour each week, doing four 15 minute jobs.  It really does make a difference.... and its only an hour!  Love it. 

We had unexpected company Saturday afternoon, and even though my house wasn't perfect, I was happy with its appearance.  As you may know, our house was built in the 1940s.  Our visitor was a 75 year old man who grew up in this house and he wanted to walk down memory lane.  He remembered his father building the house.  It was so interesting to hear him tell about his memories.  There were some good memories and some bad memories.

A weekly speed cleaning hour is great, but I need to do some deep cleaning also.  So, join me this week as I do some speed deep cleaning!

I hope your week will be blessed!  


Little Penpen said...

How sweet that you let the unexpected visitor come in for a visit. I can only imagine how his heart was so happy to come back 'home' again. I'll bet he loved what you all had done with the house! I have a lot of cleaning to do this week; I'm afraid it'll take way more than 15 minutes a day. I like the idea though!

Enid said...

Your visitor reminds me of a couple who stopped by to see the home of his youth...the house was built in
1920. It was so neat to hear his memories of the place.

I can see why speed cleaning is a wonderful idea, especially if you work outside the home....I have tried a lot of methods for cleaning, but always fall back to one day of the week, and it is usually a Friday.

Just want you to know, I really enjoy your blog!

Debbie J said...

Thanks for reading my blog Enid! Cleaning on one day of the week is a great idea too! I tend to just do laundry on Saturday. Doing a load a day like some advise just means more work for me. Of course if I still had children at home and there was more laundry then it would be a good idea.

Debbie J.

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