Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I received another email from Swagbucks with a Swag Code that I can share with my friends and blog readers.

Its good for 3 swag bucks today only from 1:00 to 2:00 PM Eastern time

Enter MOARSurveys in the Swag Code Box. (Betwen 1 and 2 PM Eastern time today).

If you aren't a member of Swag Bucks, here's my referral link, if you'd like to sign up.

Debbie's Swagbucks Referral Link.

I love earning Amazon Gift Cards and saving them for Christmas.  I've been saving them for a few months now and have almost $100.00.  I'm not a big swag buck earner, maybe 20 to 30 points a day.  Some days much more.  But if I stick to it and do a little every day, it really does add up and having some referrals, would help boost that amount.

Let me know if this code works for you!



a8383 said...

Worked for me! Thanks!

Ruth said...

Debbie, I haven't visited your blog (or any others) in a long's nice to catch up with your projects/etc.

Swagbucks....I'm right there with you. My goal is to get 50 sb's a day, usually pretty easy with swagbuckstv and the crave/discover tasks. I don't do surveys or go to any great effort. It's nice to get those amazon cards, and they do add up.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. It's been awhile! :)

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