Monday, May 18, 2015

Updates From The Farmhouse

I finally decided to update my cell phone to a smart phone!  I had been using a basic phone that I could only call and text with.  I really did love my old phone and figured since I had access to the internet with my laptop at home and the desk top at work, why would I need it any other time?

Well, my old phone was on its last leg and when I checked into it, upgrading to a smart phone was only a little more per month.   I'm enjoying learning how to use it and hope to use it to save money doing things like Check Out 51.  So far I've got $3.75 in my Check Out 51 account, by buying things I already buy, such as bananas and eggs.  Doing little things like that with my phone will help pay for it.  You can upload your receipts to Check Out 51 with a regular computer, but a smart phone makes it a lot easier!

You can also do the Savings Catcher at Walmart much easier with a smart phone, but I really don't grocery shop at Walmart very much.

Do you know of any other ways that a smart phone can be used to help pay for itself?

I'm still in a baking mood and so here's another almost from scratch cake.  This one has chocolate chips hand folded into a store bought white cake mix batter, as well as stuck all over the outside.   It looks a little funny, but was delicious.  Especially with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup!

Picture of cake with chocolate spikes taken with my new phone.

Its crazy, but I've had this Bundt pan with the storage/carrying cntainer for a few years and had never used it.  It was a Christmas gift and until a couple of weeks ago, it was still in its cardboard cover.

Really love this Bundt cake container.

Now that I've started using it, I love it!


Terri said...

Hi Debbie! I love my smart phone. There is an app called, Retail Me Not, that you can download and find coupons for various stores you frequent. I use that one quite regularly.

Your cake looks delicious!

Auntie M said...

I would say that the bundt cake pan and it accompanying cake cover was a very special gift.
Both cakes looked delicious - the earlier lemon pound cake, as well as this chocolate chip cake!!!

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