Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Two Using What I Had, Before and After Projects

I really enjoyed working in the farmhouse yard over the three day Memorial Day weekend.  I did a couple of projects that reused and/or upcycled some things I already had on hand.

First, I took a broken clay pot,

And a few plants,

Some hard work,

Lots of garden tools,

And ended up with flowers spilling out of a pot.

The plants should fill in and spread along the ground in front of the pot.

The second project was to update these rusty wrought iron plant stands that belonged to my Mama.  They are at least 45 years old and the iron was really getting thin due to the rust.

After using a couple of cans of spray paint and adding some clay pots with shade loving plants, I ended up with this arrangement.  When the plants fill in it will look even better.

I hope you have a very nice last week in May, 2015!


Little Penpen said...

It's all so pretty! Your mom is sure to be smiling down at her 'new' plant stands!

Alexandra S said...

Pretty! I got a large colander at the thrift the other...going to use it as a planter when I get the time...haha. Wish there were more hours in the day.

Auntie M said...

What wonderful recycling!!! And - - you wound up with beautiful garden displays. You are quite innovative, girl!!

Auntie M said...


I meant to ask - what are the plants 'spilling' from the broken pot?

Terri said...

Beautiful finished projects, Debbie! I especially love the iron planters. You did a great job.

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