Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Natural Fall Centerpiece

My hubby brought home various kinds of pumpkins and gourds and I made this little Fall arrangement from them.. The runner is one I made a couple of years ago.


The pumpkins and gourds are real, but the leaves are not!

I hope you are enjoying the Fall.  Its always my favorite time of year. 

Have a great Fall day!


Little Penpen said...

Very pretty. I have not decorated one bit... I still have the summer lady bug flag up. :((((

Freda Fields Alley said...

Beautiful... much nicer than my arrangement. I'm using a fake pumpkin from Michaels on my fall table topper...


Terri said...

Love it! Simple and frugal, yet pretty. :-)

Auntie M said...

Just opened my computer and found your blog!! What beautiful fall
vegetables and a lovely arrangement. I believe that you should keep the Hubby!!!!!!