Thursday, October 17, 2013

Small Batch Freezing - Okra

We have about 4 okra plants in our raised bed garden.  They were planted late, but have gotten huge.  My hubby picks them about once a week and I freeze a very small bag of them.  These will be used in vegetable soup this winter.

I really enjoy putting up bits and pieces of things to be used when the weather gets colder.

The okra blossoms are beautiful and look a lot like hibiscus and cotton, since they are related to each other.

Its good that we don't have too many okra, because you don't need too many in a pot of soup anyway.  If we were getting large harvests, I would be too tempted to make lots of fried okra and we are trying to eat more healthy.  We LOVE fried okra!


Jan said...

We love fried okra too! We're hoping to have a garden next year and okra is definitely on the list!

Little Penpen said...

And that little bit of okra will be just perfect for those pots of soup!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

I froze some too that were given to my daddy...we also love them fried...any special recipe that you use??

Auntie M said...

Let me know when the soup is ready!!

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