Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cool Weather Pass Times

Every year about this time the knitting and crocheting bug bites me. It just seems so cozy to sit inside our warm house, making cozy items from yarn. The only problem with that is that I'm not all that good at crocheting and do not know how to knit at all! Knitting is on my bucket list, however.

I have a few skeins of yarn and several crochet hooks.  I got to thinking that if only I had somebody to teach me I could get better at crocheting.  Then it occurred to me that with You Tube, I could have lots of instructors!  So, on Sunday afternoon, I watched THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO and made this little hat as a practice and learning project.  It has lots of mistakes in it, but I was so happy to actually make something with yarn!  I had to watch the video over and over and pause it a lot.  But, once I got it, it was easy.  I am planning to make another bigger hat using the soft yellow yarn in the picture.   I would also love to make little bear ears to put on it.  There are several videos with bear ear instructions.  Eli would be so adorable with a bear ear hat on his little head!  

Its newborn size and my little Eli, who is now 3 1/2 months old, surely has grown too much for a newborn hat to fit his head.  But that's ok.  I love it.  Maybe I can put it on a doll's head? 

I think its cute with the bottom edge turned up into a cuff too.

I wonder how many of my readers crochet.  How did you learn to crochet?  My crochet story involves the Granny Square which was very popular in the 70s.  A friend taught me to make a basic granny square in 1976.  I didn't know what to do with the granny square, so I just kept making it bigger and bigger until it was afghan size.  My friend advised me to always keep my first crochet project, so sure enough that great big granny square afghan is stored in my 1970s Lane hope chest.

Maybe I'll pull that first project out some time and show it here on my blog. 

I would love to hear any stories of your first crocheting or knitting projects and how you learned.


Meggie said...

Hi Debbie....I'm also not very good at crocheting....I think I need to spend more time practicing. A few "on hands" instruction would also help. Good luck....the YouTube is a great idea.

Jan said...

My grandmother taught me to crochet about 40 years ago. I have made afghans for all the new babies in the family, and I too am also trying my hand at hats! I made one for my grandson the other day and it turned out to be so cute on him-he's 14 months old. You're right-anything I need for starting a new project is on the internet!

Little Penpen said...

Yep, it was the granny square for me too! I had a big blue and yellow one that was rippled and curvy all the way around. I don't have it ; not sure if it is still at Mama's or not. I"m not a crochet'er either, but would love to make some cotton dish rags. Your little hat turned out cute!

Joyful said...

Hi, good try on your first little bonnet. I taught myself to crochet a doily when I was about 15. Mom had some cotton thread, hooks and a "learn how" book. It was winter and I was very proud of my first effort though I don't have it any more.

Debby said...

I would love to learn to knit and crochet!! Your little hat is cute as a button. Don't you just love U Tube?

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