Thursday, September 5, 2013

Christmas Sewing - Co-worker Bag Number Two

I'm in the process of making three quilted tote bags for my co-workers for Christmas gifts. Here's number 2. She likes doughnuts a lot! She knows where the best doughnuts can be bought and if a church member comes by the office selling doughnuts for a fundraiser.... she always buys them. So when I saw this fabric in a bag of gifted fabric, I knew I would make something for my doughnut friend.

Here are two of the bags.  The first one was for the chocolate lover!

I've made so many bags using my REUSABLE FABRIC GROCERY BAG TUTORIAL, that there is no telling how many.  Years ago, I made a fabric pattern that I use over and over that does not require any pinning. 
1/2 yard of fabric is enough for the bag and the handles.

I've already finished the third bag, which is made from NC State fabric, but haven't taken any pictures yet.  I'll show it soon.


Debby said...

They will be over the moon come Christmas time. I need to get back working on my Christmas list just as soon as the bathroom is finished

Little Penpen said...

You are on a roll! Your chocolate and donut loving friends are going to be so happy!

Auntie M said...

You are really on the ball!!

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