Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's in your pocketbook? Purse Size Emergency Supplies

Mine's a mess!  Sometimes that happens.... things get busy and I keep putting things in and never taking anything out.  Stuff going in gets put where ever it will fit.

How could it be so full and still did not contain any emergency toilet paper when I went into the CVS bathroom last week and there wasn't even a TP holder, much less any actually TP?  Well, I did at least have three McDonald's napkins......

Time to organize it a little bit and put in a few emergency items.  I'm not talking about a major emergency, but those small emergencies that us ladies run into from time to time, like there not being any TP in a public restroom.  I also like to have things my hubby, a friend or family member might need.  Its so nice to say, "I've got one of those right here!".

Here are a few things that I like to have in my pocketbook for those occasions:

1.  Enough toilet paper for an emergency.... or two, and of course some regular tissues.

2.  Having an emotional day?  A little bit of makeup will save the day.

3.  Extra deposit and/or withdrawal slips for the bank.

4.  I know we live in a debit/credit card world, but always have some cash on you.

5.  Phone numbers written down on paper.  Nobody knows any phone numbers, even their own, these days.  If my phone isn't working, I wouldn't have a clue what anybody's phone number is.

6.  Pocket size bottles of ibuprofen, Tylenol or other medicine that you sometimes need.  (antacid, anti-diarrhea, etc.)

7.  Breath mints, gum, cough drops, etc.

8.  Some bandaids.  The small first aid kit in a plastic case is also a good place to put my back up pair of contacts since they are protected inside the hard plastic.

9. Extra contact lens, solution, and case.  If you wear contacts, you MUST have a back up pair of glasses with you. 

10.  Nail file and nail clipper.

11.  A few wipes in a small zip lock bag.

12.  Extra car and house key.

13.  Extra Pens and note paper.  I have a small notebook that contains my "lists".

14.  Small sewing kit, safety pins

15.  Hair brush

16.  Feminine supplies, (to suit what ever stage of life you are in), extra pair of undies.

17.  Small flashlight, like a pen light or one of those that hangs on your key chain.

After a little organizing, it looks better!  I made an inventory of what is in there and added some of the things on my list.  I need to pick up few items, such as cough drops and pocket size wipes.

Things I don't have in my purse, but would be nice to have:

1.  Mini umbrella

2.  Spare phone charger

3. Small bottle of water and a small snack of some kind

I would need a bigger bag if I add anything else!

This is a long list, but most of these items don't take up much room.  Some of these items could just be kept in my car.  Usually, wherever the car is, I am... except in the CVS bathroom....

Each person's list would be different based on their own needs.  A mom of a baby would certainly need other things.  If a person has diabetes, their list would contain other necessary items.

But, I know I've forgotten something.  What do you have in your purse that you consider essential?


mornings322 said...

I definitely have most of the same items that you have and I do take a bottle of water and a granola bar with me..being diabetic, I may need a snack while away. And I also keep some spare change just in case I would get re-routed and it would be a toll route. A couple of cough drops or lifesavers or mints in case of a tickly throat. I also have a chap stick for dry lips. In my emergency bag for the car, I have 1 set of clothing, socks, undies and I keep personal items in it too. Wet ones are a must for the car. Always a few bottles of water. ANd in my bag, I have a ziploc with tea bags, instant coffee, creamer,flavored packets for water and sugar substitute in it for an emergency too. Oh and yes, I have a coffee mug in my bag. I still have to find a way to heat water up in an emergency car situation.

Little Penpen said...

I especially like #5; I don't know phone numbers either!! I always remember being in a store and someone asking me for a piece of candy, as they felt their blood sugar dropping. I was happy to have a mint. A couple of mints in your first aid kit would be a good idea.

Amy said...

The items I keep in my purse are very similar to your list. I have included a small bag of almonds for a quick snack. I also have a small multi-tool that opens and is a pair of scissors, I find I use this a lot :)

Auntie M said...

Whew!!! Now I must inventory. I have most of these items, but you are right, a mini purse would not hold it all.

Thank you for this nudge at organization.

coleen said...

A travel size soap holder makes a good purse size first aid kit.


Alexandra S said...

I've got a great big glove box in my car for a lot of that stuff, but I do carry around a Bath & Body Works hand cleaner, make-up, and tissues. I keep scissors in the car for cutting off price tags and the like.

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