Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Re-visiting Emergency Preparedness

I've kept the "Would you be ready for an emergency" post from last week in the back of my mind ever since, and am slowly working on improving our emergency preparedness status.

I bought several of these pocket size first aid kits a few years ago when they were almost free with coupons and extrabucks at CVS.  These are a good start on a first aid kit, but not for a big emergency.  At any rate, I handed one to hubby this morning for his vehicle and I will put one in my vehicle and one in my pocketbook.    Each one contains 2 cleansing wipes, 2 gauzes, and several sizes of bandaids.  That could really come in handy for small cuts or scrapes, etc.  I checked the prices of first aid supplies at CVS and:  number one, they were expensive; number two, I didn't really know what to buy.  I do realize that in an emergency, the correct first aid supplies would be priceless!  So I am going to pursue this until I am satisfied that I have what we need.

I've never been one to purchase much water, because it comes free out of the spigot.  But, I bought one of these last week at CVS, using my 20% off coupon.  Just the Basics Water.... how much more basic can you get than water?  A name brand water, or store brand water.  Is there a difference?  Anyway, a 24 pack of these are on sale this week at CVS for $2.77  So I intend to pick up 1 or 2 more to have on hand.  I also checked the prices of gallon size jugs of water and will be stocking up on some of these as well.

The toilet paper supply is growing.  I'll pick up a Northern TP at CVS this week, on sale, with coupon and extra bucks.

No, I'm not going to stock pile soda for an emergency!  But we are going to store water in the empty 2 liter bottles.  I read the Federal Government's emergency preparedness site and storing water in clean and sanitized soda bottles is ok, but using empty milk jugs is a no no.  I have the perfect spot in the outside storage building for these.

It seems to me that expiration dates of emergency foods is important.  I noticed that the dates on Chex Mix is pretty long.  This bag is good until February 2014.  So, Chex Mix would be a good item to store.  I could just replace them as the expiration date nears.

Another good emergency food, if you like them, is Vienna Sausage.  The expiration date of this pack is about 3 years away. 

I plan to put my emergency foods in a plastic tote of some kind, in an out of the way place like the bottom of my side of the closet, because if they are mixed in with the regular food in the pantry, they will be eaten.

I will be updating this subject more as I go along!   Some topics will be emergency preparedness in the car and in the pocketbook or purse.


coleen said...

Hi Debbie,
In your prep kit, you should also have a flash lite w/extra batteries, rain ponchos (or something similar)can opener, hand sanitizer, plastic tarps, duct tape, clothes line, wind up clock, and other things I can think of right now. There is a web site that gives you a list of items to have on hand.

mornings322 said...

When you do a search on prepping for emergency situations, you will find tons and tons of informative web pages with all kinds of info. Some things one would not even think of storing, but would come in handy.

Debby said...

We keep lots of bottle water on hand for this very reason. It is amazing how much water we use and don't notice for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing and all. We also have 2 large rain barrels out back at our down spouts for watering the garden or an emergency.

Auntie M said...

All the ideas- yours and your friends' are helpful. You are so organized, and I admire you!!!

Susannah said...

I love it that your posts always remind me of the things I should do or be checking on. Thanks, Debbie!

ancient one said...

I stocked up for Y2K...it didn't happen, but Hurricane Floyd did and we had everything we needed for that week of no electricity... Then when nothing happened with 2000... we used it up before summer came.. I keep my pantry filled and always have extra toilet paper. It never hurts to be prepared.

Amy said...

I am really enjoying these posts. They are great reminders for me to check that I am prepared. If you are storing drinking water do not store it on concrete as the concrete will leech chemicals into your water.

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