Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mason Jar Magic

I made this Mason Jar soap dispenser after work yesterday. There are tons of tutorials for these on the web.

... tobacco in the background

Here are the tools I used.  The brick was laying on this outdoor table and so I used it instead of going to get a hammer.  The pump came from an empty face wash bottle.  I made the hole in the lid by tapping the top of the small screwdriver until it broke through.  Then I used the needle nose pliers to enlarge the hole.  I was careful to leave the hole as small as possible, yet be able to force the pump through.  This way, it fit tightly and so I didn't use any glue.  Some hot glue on the underside would have secured it better and I may still do that.   But, for now, its working great!

The Tools

If I had more time I would have spray painted the lid black to match the pump.  I can't wait to make more of these.  I need one in each bathroom filled with colorful hand soap.  They'd make great gifts.

It is filled with a small bottle of dish soap and water, sitting on the kitchen sink.  Don't you think it fits our farmhouse kitchen perfectly?

Country Kitchen

After making the mason jar soap dispenser, I checked on the rose I had been rooting under a mason jar.  There's new growth, so I know the roots have grown.  After letting it adjust to life outside the mason jar, I'll set it out in the yard. CLICK HERE to read about how I root roses with a mason jar.

Mason Jar Rose

Here's an old gallon size jar, but not technically a Mason jar.  I found it at Mama's.  I have lots of ideas for it.

Gallon Size Jar

One idea.

One is the loneliest number that'll you'll ever see.... lalalalala

More ideas to come soon.


Little Penpen said...

I LOVE your soap dispenser! I need to make myself one,now. And I love the sunflower in the big jar. I have a big jar that I use to water my porch plant with... perfect size and easy to handle.

Auntie M said...

Interesting idea! You do the neatest things, and I always get ideas from your projects.

Stay cool.

Rhonda Sue said...

hi Debbie
that soap dispenser is so cute and now that I have read your simple instructions, I am going to see about making some. I have family members named Kerr and soap with Kerr jars would be great gifts for them, right?
I've seen these but never read the instructions so did not know how simple and thrifty they would be to make.

hope you have a nice weekend. and it might be a baby weekend too, you and the Queen are both waiting. I think that is really sweet.

Alexandra S said...

lol...little lonely sunflower. ;)

Pretty blue soap invitingly clean and fresh.

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