Friday, May 22, 2009

The Mason Jar Project

About a month ago I posted about rooting roses using a mason jar. I find it interesting that the website I used for information on this project was called "Grandma's Mason Jar", since I was rooting my grandmother's rosebush. :o) You can read about "Grandma's Mason Jar HERE.

I'm happy to say the rose cuttings are alive and growing!

From this:

To this:

Those are Zinnia plants I planted from seeds growing in the soil around the rose cuttings.

The reason I am very happy about the success of the mason jar project is the fact that these cuttings originated from my grandmother's beloved rosebush. The one I previously had in this spot died due to a fire ant hill being built in the roots and also I think because the bush was very old. The house my grandmother lived in doesn't even exist any more, but luckily my mother still had a rosebush she rooted from Grandma's bush and I took these cuttings from that one. I plan to root even more cuttings to insure that our family always has a specimen of Grandma's rosebush.


Terri said...

They look wonderful, Debbie!

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

It looks like you were successful in rooting your cuttings. The one shown looks like it is healthy and doing well. What a special thing to do in keeping your grandmother's beloved rose bush going. Thanks for sharing


Tori said...

Great! It's even more special that it was Grandmas.

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