Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blog Award and Featured Blog of the Week

Thanks to Ms. Boo-Bah for this sweet award! I really appreciate it! I think Boo-Bah's blog is lovely too!

Also, I would like to feature a different blog or website each week that I feel has great ideas for homemaking. This week it is THE PRUDENT HOMEMAKER. I love looking through all the information on this site, and I think you will too. It inspires me to get serious about and to keep working at stocking my pantry and freezer.

Each week I will showcase another blog or website that has had an impact on me on the right sidebar, so be on the look out for a new one every week.


DarcyLee said...

I visited the Prudent Homemaker and I really liked it. I found alot of inspiration and encouragement to get my pantry stocked so I don't have to worry from one week to the next what's going on the table for dinner.She has lots of good ideas.

DarcyLee said...

Oh, and congratulations on the award!

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