Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mom's Garden Magic

For Mother's Day a certain little Grandson helped pick out some garden decor for his Grandma. In some of these pictures, you will have to look close to see the magic!

Bejeweled Bird

I love the teacup bird feeders Hubby made for me.

This rock is perfect for Mama's Memorial Garden.

Lady Bug

Gnome and Glittery Dragonfly

The pink Knock Out Roses have been glorious this spring!

One more picture of the scarecrow that Grandson helped make.  This guy scares me when I am working in the yard and catch him out of the corner of my eye!

Don't forget to look for the magic today in your life.


Debby said...

Oh how pretty. What a wonderful gift!!

Susannah said...

Wonderful scarecrow!!!!!...and great gifts from the grandson!!


Auntie M said...


Little Penpen said...

The garden is beautiful; what a sweet tribute.

ancient one said...

I always look for the magic... my SIL, Margaret, is the best at magic.. my eyes cannot stop looking when I'm at her house... you sure have the magic touch too... I copy your ideas... :)

Meggie said...

Love the tea cup bird feeders...have you written a post on how he made them?

Kathryn D. Duke said...

another sweet, sweet post!! and lovely too.

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