Thursday, May 23, 2013

My How They've Grown...

We've had some recent beneficial rains and that combined with some warm May weather has helped the plants in and around our home to grow very fast.

Tobacco behind and beside the house:

Sneaking up on the enemy to get a photo... hehehe

First crop:

Raised Bed is growing:

The rains have scattered the rose petals on my Grandma Rose:

I hope to be eating some fresh veggies soon.  Can't wait.


Terri said...

It seems like everything started blooming overnight here as well. AND the weather went from cold to hot overnight too. I'm not complaining though. ;-)

Auntie M said...

Beautiful pics, Deb. Even of the evil plant!!!

Pen Pen said...

Yay, radishes already! We have truly had the rain, haven't we? Maybe we'll be eating mater sandwiches very soon!

ancient one said...

Rain every day and the clover has taken over everything. The farmers up this way don't plant something in between the rows of tobacco plants like we see in your area. Wonder why? Enjoying this warm weather!!

Susannah said...

Hate tobacco. Used to love it but hate it now!!!!! Hooray! Your Grandma rose is beautiful....and look at those radishes!!

Have a fun weekend!


Denise said...

I'm hoping to get my garden planted next week, so strange to see how much farther ahead you are in your growing season, enjoy your bounty!

Alexandra S said...

Those family roses are such a beautiful color! Things here are growing veeery slowly. I just have too much shade. On the other hand mints and herbs grow very well.Lots and lots of lovely smelling mints which have gone wild with all the rain.