Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Raised Bed and Lasagna Gardening

One day there's nothing up in the raised bed and the next the plants are 3 inches tall!

Green Beans:


Coming right along:

My hubby re-glued my teacup bird feeders.  I plan to place them in Mama's little memorial garden area amongst the pink double knock out roses:

The beginnings of a lasagna garden.  Looks ugly now, but hopefully it will be a beautiful vegetable bed eventually, maybe for a small Fall garden.  HERE is one article on this easy and interesting gardening method.

In my kitchen, I have a little can with a step pedal that opens the top.  Inside I drop coffee grounds with the filter, teabags, peelings, egg shells and the like.  The small bucket inside the can lifts out and I scatter the contents on the newspaper covered area.  I also scattered a little garden dirt as a layer and we will add grass clippings and yard waste also.  There will be lots of layers, just like making lasagna.


Denise said...

Thanks for the tour of your garden, I'm going to post about what's up in my garden and take photos today and share them in a later post! Enjoy working outside before the weather gets too hot in your neck of the woods.

Pen Pen said...

hey, i like that lasagna garden. I made a big flower pot full of compost over the winter to use in my garden this year. I've decided I want a real compost bin now. Isn't God and nature amazing when we take the time to enjoy and appreciate it?

Mary Ann said...

I'm excited to read more about lasagna gardening! Sounds like something that would be perfect for us.:-)

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