Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Delicious and Hearty Week Night Meal

Here's a meal we had Monday night.  Lasagna and garlic toast.   I browned a little bit of hamburger Sunday afternoon.  Then when I got home Monday I put together the lasagna, which baked while I was outside "gardening".   LOL  In the future, I will also serve salad, to make the meal more healthy.  Eating the salad would have also reduced the amount of lasagna and bread eaten and as a result, less calories!

This garlic toast was amazing, but I can't take credit for it!  My sister in law brought us some of her homemade "Ma Ma Bread" and after slicing, buttering, garlic powdering and toasting, it was perfect!

Hubby and I were starving, so this meal really hit the spot.  If I plan and think ahead, its easy to have a nice meal after working away from home all day.


Auntie M said...

So glad that you enjoyed the bread. Thank you for a great visit.

Pen Pen said...

Yep, the bread would have been my weakness...and it would be eaten until all gone (before bedtime). Yum!!

Susannah said...

Looks delicious.

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