Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Morning

Good morning to you! Its another busy morning here at Homemaking Dreams. There are lots of things going on today and coming up this Fall.

"I'm Thinking Fall!"

Today my mother will be moved to another room in the adjacent nursing home. The reason is that the entire hall she has been living on is going to be renovated. The nursing home is an old one and really does need updating, but its hard for her to have to get used to new people and places. Even though her current room needs some work, she is fine with it! She doesn't have a choice, so today we move. I cleaned and organized her things Saturday in preparation for moving. The nursing home will take care of actually moving things, but we will need to get everything straightened out. She will also have a roommate for the first time, so this may be interesting.

My mother's health has not improved and she struggles daily with just plain old not feeling well, going to dialysis, having minor surgeries and more. You know how every time you go to the hospital, they send home a pink plastic dishpan with you? When I cleaned Mama's room Saturday I counted nine of them! So, yes, its been a tough several months for my Mama.

Here's a picture of just a couple of my African Violets blooming their hearts out. I have too many plants. It will only get worse when winter comes and I will need to move a bunch inside. I need to start finding homes for some of them now I guess.

But, if you look closely you will see a couple of African Violet leaves rooting! Man, that will mean more plants soon. I think some nurses at the nursing home might like some...... hmmmm

I'm planning for fall already. I want to put out my few fall things as soon as possible, probably gradually in August. I just gotta remember where the "Fall" box is! I don't have a lot of fall decorations, but there is a table runner, a few plates and a wreath, etc. It will soon be time to introduce the darker less Springy/Summery colors.

Have a great July 25, 2012!


TN Quiltbug said...

I wish I had your talent with African Violets! I always manage to kill them!

Rita said...

I'm sorry that both you and your mama have to go through this. Hard times to be in a nursing home and needing so much care. I just did all this so I know how sometimes it just takes the zest for life right out of you. And moving her is difficult too. I did that twice and it is so hard for them to adjust. Unsure of where things are and all. Your violets are lovely. I have just one that I started from a leaf that was in mom's room at the nursing home. It is a curly leafed plant and came from Virginia. I hope your days are good and that you get a lot of help moving your mother.

Auntie M said...

You are always right on top of the seasons, and you are impressive in your representations of them.

Hope your mama adjusts well to the new environment and the roommate.
This is a difficult time in her life, and that does not make it easy for you.

Prayers for calm and peace.

Susannah said...

Thinking of you and your Mama. New adjustments are very hard for the elderly ...especially if they do not feel good. Hope things work out. Saying a few prayers here.

ancient one said...

Hope all goes well with the moving.. and the room mate and everything in general... Your African violets are pretty... that's something I've never tried ...

Elizabeth said...

Good Afternoon Dear Debbie,
I have been thinking about you. I will add your mama to our prayer book at Adoration tonight. Your home is beautiful. I added a few potted plants around the house this week.

Lyn said...

You, dear, have a very green thumb! The African violets are so pretty. Your mama is in my thoughts always and I hope all goes smoothly for her with the new changes.

Rhonda said...

Hi Debbie I am so sorry about your mom but glad you are around to look after her.
I am ready for fall too. It was 106 today.

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