Monday, July 23, 2012

Glimpses From Home

Here are some recent pictures from around our yard.

The bath mats were drying on the clothesline when I was taking pictures of a finished quilt. When I put those bath mats in the dryer they seem to take forever to dry and hanging them on the line extends their life.

The Fourth of July. I love this flag which has an aged look.

The sprinkler was running in this picture, but we have had a good amount of rain this summer, which is very unusual. Normally this time of year the grass is brown, but as you can see is bright green this year.

Wysteria can be beautiful in the right place, but its invasively growing on this tree. The roots and trunk of the wisteria are huge and wrap so tightly around this tree that it cannot be removed, despite my hubby's best efforts to tame it.

I can see this hanging basket which hangs from the clothesline through the bedroom window.

A lonesome cloud.


Impera_Magna said...

Lovely, peaceful photos.... but that is one weird cloud there!

Auntie M said...

Than k you for the stroll around your yard!!

Susannah said...

What a nice tour of your yard. I love the old looking flag, too. Your quilt on the line is gorgeous. I try to hang some things out on the line and I do believe it prolongs the life of some things. Great and interesting pictures, Debbie. More?

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