Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Small Touches

Good Tuesday Morning to you!

Saturday I repotted a Ponytail Palm into the Sunflower pot I posted about awhile back. The little angel pot sitter is cute.

Last night I made this dish drain mat. It comes in handy for hand washed items and for the plastic pieces that come out of the dishwasher wet. Kind of gives a mundane chore a little charm. The back is a red hand towel and the front is make from scrap fabrics. I am thinking about getting one of those wooden dish drying racks to sit on top of the mat. I'm not sure if it would be a help or just in the way.

More pictures of the angel pot sitters:

Have a good day!


Terri said...

You did such a good job on that sunflower pot, Debbie! I vote no drying rack. I think the towel by itself is enough. :-)

Impera_Magna said...

Your home is so lovely, Debbie! Like your drying mat... I think I need to make me one or three of these!

I, too, vote for no drying rack... they look good in photos but just get in the way, taking up counter space.

Auntie M said...

Me, I like the angel pot sitter. Do not believe I have ever seen one before.

And, the drying towel is very nice. Guess I just use a dish towel, but this is much more attractive.

Susannah said...

Once again, I am amazed by all of your beautiful plants! Love the sunflower pot. I vote no on the drying rack. Your drying mat is too pretty to cover with the rack.

ancient one said...

my wooden drying rack stays under the sink most of the time.. takes up too much room... I don't have a dishwasher ..I dry as I wash... once in a while when the dishes really pile up, I will get out the drying rack, but it goes right back under the sink when the dishes are dry and put away... I'm glad I have it, but not for display ;0)

Anonymous said...

The drying cloth is so pretty! I just use a towel ~ I think a drying would probably get in the way for me too! Great job!


Pen Pen said...

Such cuteness! I bought a drying pad from Big Lots recently and it not nearly as cute as yours! Your angel pot sitters are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
You always make everything look so beautiful and easy.

Meggie said...

Hello Debbie...I use a drying mat but mine is not as pretty as the one you made. I also like your kitchen curtains.

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