Friday, July 27, 2012

Above the Kitchen Window

These little plaques are sitting on the little ledge over my kitchen window. I think I first put a couple of things up there when we moved here, thinking it would be temporary until I could get around to hanging them. But here we are 2 1/2 years later and I still have a collection of little things up there.


Personal Notes:

We got Mama moved into her new room. She had dialysis Wednesday and a dermatologist appointment yesterday, so she was out of the room a lot. After only one night she is adamant that she wants to go back to her old room as soon as the renovations are done.

Her roommate is very nice and they have a lot in common. Her name is Ms. Myrtle and she is a sweetie.

For the most part I am very pleased with her new circumstances.


My little grandson started Kindergarten last week. It was a little bit of a rocky start. He has been going to preschool, but had been home with his Dad, who is a teacher and is home for the summer, for about a month. Going to a new school and knowing his Dad was home made it tough. But you gotta do what you gotta do! Only 13 more years, plus college, so he might as well get used to it, right? Poor little guy. He won't even turn 5 until August 27th!


My hubby needs knee replacement surgery for his right knee. We may be scheduling that for later this fall, but nothing is definite yet. He has to have some other tests done first.

Have a great weekend!


Debby said...

Hope your Mom will be able to get back to her old room soon, moving at her age is not fun!! Your poor grand :(, maybe when Daddy is back in the classroom things will be a bit more normal and he will like it better. YIKS knee surgry

Pen Pen said...

Love seeing your home pic's. I really like your light fixtures! Glad mom is doing well and I Hope they get the renovations done quickly for her. :-)) Poor little grandson...LOL...hates school already! I hope it gets better. Prayers for your hubby... getting a new knee is no fun, but I see them everyday at work, and most people do GREAT!!!

Impera_Magna said...

Change is hard but hopefully your mom will start enjoying the company and settle into her new digs quickly.

So hard sending little ones off for their first day of school (pre- or not)... they grow up too fast!

I'll keep your DH in my prayers that all goes well for him.... and you too since you have so much on your plate these days.

Meggie said...

Love the photo of your kitchen! You have a lot on your plate with mother and hubby's knee surgery. Try not to get overwhelmed....

emmasouthlondon said...

I love your plaques - your house really is a home.
I hope that all in your family are soon fit and well again - very best wishes to you and thanks for a really interesting blog - that baking was totally amazing!

ancient one said...

Sorry about the knee, but most people do great! I've had two cousins get it done. Don't you just hate when the little ones have to go to school? Hope your mom adjusts quickly to the new arrangements.

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