Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo of the Week

The farmers plowed the field behind our house in preparation for planting yesterday. We don't know what is going to be planted, but maybe sweet potatoes!

We caught sight of this totally white cat walking across the virgin soil this morning.

Number one: I bet his little paws were dirty afterwards

Number two: No camouflage at all. Glad there wasn't any prehistoric birds soaring by to pluck him out of there!

Happy Friday!


Pen Pen said...

Pretty pic! That white cat just didn't know what he was asking for, huh?

ancient one said...

That white cat stands out, doesn't he? We are thinking sweet potatoes are going in the field behind my neighbor's home. If so, we will more than likely, scrap the field after they are dug for some free ones. Yum!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
When Miss Candi and Dave was out walking the other night they seen a hawk almost scoop up a squirrel for supper. But Miss Candi barked and scared the squirrel so off it ran before getting eaten. LOL
I posted a picture today of something you made me.

Debby said...

What a peaceful picture!

Ruth said...

That is an awfully big cat...

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