Friday, June 15, 2012

Angry Birds, Tractors and Tomatoes

The farmers have been working in the field behind our house this week. The outcome: Sweet Potatoes. So far they have been alternating cotton and sweet potatoes every other year.

We have way less in the way of a garden this year. Last year we grew tomatoes from seed and had a large garden. This year, due to many things, these are all we have. But we will enjoy having fresh tomatoes later on this summer.

THIS is an angry bird! We used to call them Cat Birds because they would land on the backs of cats to keep them scared away from their nests. But, I've never had birds attack me. Its gotten so bad that we can hardly go out to water plants.

The birds' nest full of babies is in the bush here behind the hanging basket. Its also located right under the kitchen window.

I think I'll carry an umbrella this morning when I go out to water my plants! I will be so glad when those baby birds get big enough to fly away!


Impera_Magna said...

I've never been attacked by a bird... how scary! The umbrella is a good idea...

Auntie M said...

Maybe a hard hat?

ancient one said...

We had some angry birds when we lived in town. They lived in the hedges close to my clothesline. At that time, I did not own a dryer. They flew at me many times. I was glad when they flew away. I should have thought of the umbrella. I'm still waiting for the first real home grown tomato of the summer.

Rhonda said...

yikes on the angry birds! birds do grow up fast so hopefully it will be very soon that you will safe in your yard again

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
Yikes. Reminds me of that old movie the Birds. LOL/
I just love all your pretty flowers.

Pen Pen said...

Too funny on the angry birds. I have a bird box near my clothesline and was frightened a time or two by the bird. But since I rarely use my clothesline these days, not a problem. LOL I love the pic. of the freshly plowed fields with the deep rows prepared for the sweet potatoes...makes me miss home!!!!

Debby said...

Silly birds!! Keep your head low and good luck