Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Day in June

June 6, 1980 was a special day for me. It was the day my first born child, my daughter, Lori, was born. The most beautiful sound in my memory is her first cry.

Happy Birthday Lori!

My gardening gear:

I transplanted some Vinca vines that had rooted themselves in odd places into this window box with Daisies that survived the winter. I like the way they hang over the edge of the porch. A zero cost plant!

The Hydrangeas that I bought on the orphan (clearance) table last summer have survived the winter and started growing. These have pink blooms instead of the standard blue ones. Although, I've read that the soil determines the color.

I love to see hydrangeas planted in front of a fence. I don't have a fence yet, but this small section of fence works for now. My plan is to propagate more of them from these two. I have read that this is easy to do.

I hope your June is progressing nicely!


Terri said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, Debbi! Have a great day. :-)

Auntie M said...

Your hydrangeas are doing well! We have two - in the cranberry/pink family of color. One is Vanilla
Strawberry and the other is Invinceable Spirit. I hope the deer do not get them as they have so many other plants here.

Happy birthday to Miss Lori.

The Working Home Keeper said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

Impera_Magna said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful Lori! And happy BIRTHday to you!

ancient one said...

Happy Birthday to Lori! She is beautiful and I think she looks like you. I like hydrangeas but my husband doesn't so I don't have any. I have loads of free impatients this year. Free flowers are fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh so very beautiful..happy birthday

Pen Pen said...

Happy Birthday to Lori!! You are always so busy. Hydrangeas are some of my favorite flowers. My great grandma had huge bushes at the end of her porch and we girls spent many days 'decorating' our fingernails with the flower petals!

reginascottage said...

hello debbie,
the hydrangeas looks great.....i love hydrangeas,too.great blog!!!!
have a nice weekend,

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