Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Darning, Adult Bibs and Clothespin Bags....

Mending my son's favorite work pants... Big Brother's darning stitch to the rescue!

When you get to be about my age, you and most of your friends have elderly parents they help take care of. One of my friends asked me to make some adult bibs for her mother-in-law. I'm a little hesitant to call them bibs, but if I call them adult aprons, most people wouldn't understand what their purpose really is. My friend furnished some towels and I added binding around the neck.

This one is based on a child's bib pattern that I found on line. You cut a lolly pop shape in one end of the towel and then sew bias tape around the neck hole and down the back, leaving the bias tape "strings" long enough to tie a bow in the back.

The person using the bib will be covered pretty well with these. The shoulders, chest and lap will be protected.

I didn't get a picture of the other bibs that I made, but another style that I made used a hand towel. I simply cut a half circle in one end and covered the opening with bias tape, leaving the ends of the tape long enough to tie.

I've been busy making clothespin bags for Spring and Summer. I came up with a new opening using some eyelet lace quilt binding that I had in my stash. Rick Rack is also a cute finish.

I've also been doing a little quilting. For quilting updates, go to my other blog, ANGEL SCRAPS QUILTING.


Debby said...

Love the clothes pin bags! So cute, makes doing the wash something to look forward too!

Meggie said...

What a great idea for the "adult apron". I agree with you, I would be hesitate to call them bibs. There should be a better name for them. I always love your clothespin bags, especially the fabric on the last photo.

Auntie M said...

Kudos to you. I really do not like darning denim. It is tough!!
But, then, my machine is much older than yours.

Have missed your blogging for the last week. know you have been busy with your mother.

Be kind to yourself!!!!!!!!

Pen Pen said...

I know what you mean about calling those things bibs. We call them bibs at work and I cringe when I hear someone tell a patient to put on their bib. I try to say "let me put this little cover on you so your clothes stay clean." However, most of our residents call them bibs and don't seem to mind. :-/ I love the ric rac trim on your bags and I see some very pretty flowers in the background of the pics!

happeningswithLana said...

I so need to be sewing. Love the bags especially the one with veggies on it.

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