Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Favorite No Lettuce Salad

In the past I have always put lettuce in my salads, just like most people. But, I never really liked it so much. I finally decided to just make my salads with healthy foods that I really like and skip the lettuce.

In an effort to lose a few pounds, I've been eating a salad just like this one for supper several nights a week lately.

Here's what my "no lettuce" salad might contain. Each one I make might have a different combination and also depends on what produce is on sale at my grocery store each week.

On one side of the bowl are fruits that might include:(its a pretty big bowl!):

About 1/3 of an apple cut into bite size pieces
About 1/3 of a can of "no sugar added" fruit such as pears, peaches or pineapple
About 1/3 of a sliced banana
Just a sprinkle of raisins
Just a sprinkle of grated cheese (cheddar or mozzarella)
A couple of dollops of low fat cottage cheese

On the other side of the bowl some veggies that might include:

Some grape tomatoes sliced in half
A little sliced cucumber
Some green bell pepper cut into small pieces
Baby Dill Pickles
Just a drizzle or 2 of Light Ranch Dressing.

In the middle or on the side:

Some kind of meat. The one in the picture had a couple spoonfuls of homemade chicken salad made with light mayo. Other times it has been browned boneless chicken breast, browned bite size pieces of boneless pork chop or steak or a small hamburger without a bun.

NO LETTUCE! And I don't like carrots either!

I think this is a very delicious, low calorie, healthy meal.


Meggie said...

It looks and sounds very yummy to me. I could easily eat this several times a week. Good post.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
Sounds yummy. Dave can't eat lettuce so I have been making him pasta salads.

Susannah said...

Hi Debbie.....these salads look yummy. Lots os times I do not have lettuce in the house but do have the other things. If I do have lettuce it doesn't stay fresh for very long. Thank you for the ideas.


Auntie M said...

Looks and sounds delicious - and healthy.

Lyn said...

I like your idea. :) Lettuce is something I somewhat like, but don't love. Think I will give this a try!

Pen Pen said...

Looks delicious! Isn't it funny that we think we 'need' the lettuce? LOL

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