Monday, May 21, 2012

Finally, Some Yard Work

We had a lovely weekend, weather wise, so I finally was able to start working in the yard. My motto this year for the yard is "LOW MAINTENANCE"!

The shade garden has been mulched with newspaper and brown mulch. We only buy a Sunday paper, but I have been collecting the newspapers from work in a box for a while now. I bet I'm the only person on my road whose plants are mulched with the Wall Street Journal!

I started this project a while back and finally finished it Saturday. Its been wonderful not to constantly be pulling weeds in there. I'll plant a few more shade plants and put a few pots of annuals, such as impatiens, in some of the bare spots.

I planted my chair planters. Here's planter chair number 1. I used this old enamelware dishpan and just sat it on the chair. These plants are small right now, but when they fill in and grow I think they will look nice.

Here's planter chair number 2. We removed the seat of this one and found a wire basket that fits perfectly down into the hole. It contains Sweet Potato Vine (for a trailing plant), Variagated Lirope (for a tall plant), Red Salvia, red Wave Petunias, and Marigolds. I'm also going to add some Vinca vine, which I'll transplant from the places it has spread. I stuck to yellow and red flowers so they would go well with the red chair. I plan to grow some taller plants around it like Zinnias.

I have Brown Eyed Susans growing in odd places that evidently came from seeds being blown around. I am digging them up and moving them to the "birdhouse garden".

A new garden flag that was a Mother's Day gift.

These are some HUGE Day Lillies.

We have Petunias everywhere that came from seeds. This one is growing in a crack in the steps. I would move it to another spot, but I'm not sure if I can get it out without killing it.

These Gerbera Daisies survived out mild winter.

On my yard work to do list:

1. Finish moving Brown Eyed Susans
2. Transplant Vinca vines to pots
3. Plant Zinnia seeds in the Bird House Garden
4. Weed and mulch the Rock Garden.
5. Mulch the Bird House Garden.
6. Weed and mulch the foundation area.
7. Weed and re-mulch the Hydrangea bed.
8. Work on edible landscaping idea.
9. Cut back wild Petunias. These are taking over the yard!
10. Plant 3 hanging baskets


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie
I was getting concern about you. It is good to hear all is well.nwhat a busy week end you had. I have some yard work I need to do too.want to come help me?lol
Have a wonderful week.

Impera_Magna said...

Your yard is so lovely... I enjoy seeing your photographs over the course of the growing season...

RaNaeLuvsEwes said...

Everything is amazing can you believe what comes up in cracks??
Have a great week.

Auntie M said...

Good weekend progress. You will enjoy your yard so much. Hope
Mama Alice is continuing to improve.

Rhonda said...

pretty yard! I especially like your chair planters

ancient one said...

I love wild petunias.. but so far have not seen any come up here this year. Impatients are everywhere. I will be moving some of them to pots and other places... Everything in your yard looks nice..

The Working Home Keeper said...

Love the chair planters! I have one of those enamelware dish pans. I remember my Daddy sitting at the kitchen table and using it as a basin for his shaving water :)

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

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