Thursday, January 29, 2009

What I've been up to...

Baby Goat Update:

This is the only baby goat that survived without a Mama. The others just wouldn't eat well enough. But this one loves his bottle! I've never seen a baby who could drink 20 ounces of milk in about a minute flat! This picture shows him getting his morning bottle from me. When he sees me or my son coming with the bottle he starts hollering! Its sounds like he is saying, "Maaaaaaama, Maaaaaaaama, Maaaaaaama". He is also eating some goat food, but mostly the bottle.

2009 "To Do List" Update:

The fabric piles are growing! I'm still working on organizing all of the many bags and boxes of fabric and fabric scraps that I have accumulated. This has turned into a marathon of a job, but I'm determined to get it all done. At this rate I'll be working on this item on the To Do List another week at least.

The stacks of yardage are getting higher.

These totes hold large pieces of fabric, less than half a yard, but big enough not to be considered a scrap. Anything that is is big as a fat quarter makes it into this category. One holds darks and one holds lights.

This is a box of fabric I'm working on. Someone gave me a box full of curtain tie backs. Do you remember the big ruffled curtains from the eighties? Well these are from that era and were never used. They are perfect for cutting into strips of all widths. I washed and dried them last night and was just too tired to iron and sort them. This will be my project tonight after work.

Please click here, here and here to see examples of quilts that can be made from 2 1/2 inch strips! I bet you know who is dreaming of making these! But I've just got to finish some UFOs before I start another big project!

And I sold two clothespin bags from my Etsy Shop yesterday which has given me incentive to make some more soon. I love to make them, and I certainly have the fabric available! LOL


Terri said...

Oh my word! That goat is adorable. Emily would go nuts if we had him around.

Okay, Debbie when you are all finished organizing, please come up here and start on my house! LOL

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. He's a fast drinker too. :)

I wish that I could sew. Any advice for beginners?

The clothespin bags look great.

Rhonda in OK said...

I was just wondering last night about your baby goats. He is a cutie!

I have my fabric folded like yours, I have to remember whenever I use a piece to fold what is left and put it right back.
I do like this method the best of any way I've ever stored fabric.

Mom2fur said...

I wanna baby goat!!!! It's soooo cute I can't stand it!
Hey, congrats on the Etsy sales!
And give that goatie a kiss for me.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all the color stacks! How pretty.

That little goat is the cutest, does he have a name, Debbie?

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Debbie,
I just had to laugh tonight. When we had boar goats we had to bottle feed some, we kept them in our laundry room for a few nights. I was not a happy camper,even though he was in a box.
But aren't they the cutest things,We have even had lambs on a bottle. They are so helpless, I think when children are around farm animals they learn so many lessons about life.

I thought about you today when I was doing some major housework,you have really inspired me to not slack off.LOL!!


ancient one said...

Hello Debbie, its been a little while since I was here. I had to stop here and comment on your baby goat. Looks like you and your son are doing a good job with that one. Guess what? My husband got a calf from someone down the road that had been left behind by the mama. She had two and the people that owned her tried to get her and the two calves together in a stall by themselves. The mother managed to escape with one of the calves and the other was going to be left to die. My husband is feeding the calf on a bottle. So that will be his next project for awhile.

I'm still catching up ... love all the work you've been doing in your sewing room. That John Deer quilt sure is cute..

Let me go finishing reading the bogs I've missed....

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