Friday, January 30, 2009

Dream Pantries and Creating a Larder of your Own

I love looking at pictures of pantries and thought you might like to see these pictures I found in a couple of library books. Having a pantry is a very frugal and economical thing to do and getting ideas from other pantries can be very helpful in getting motivated.

These books were published in the early eighties. I checked out several "organizing books" and noted that none of the newer books had information about pantries.

This is a quote from one page:

"The larder is an old-fashioned idea that's worth a second look. The handsome built-in storehouses featured here are great for cooks who like to stockpile canned and packaged foods when they're on special at the supermarket or who buy large quantities of their favorite fruits and vegetables at height-of-the-season prices.

If your larder is primarily for fresh produce, its best to keep it cool and dark. Use wire shelves or vents to the outdoors (cover them with fine window-screenmesh) to keep air circulating, and avoid storing any bruised or damaged produce."

So being frugal by having a pantry, aka a larder, is definitely not a new idea. But, most of us don't have pantries like these, so we have to make do with what ever we have. Any cabinet, closet or box can be the start of your own pantry.

Here's a post about my pantry with pictures that I did for Frugal Friday once before.

I hope these pictures will give you some great ideas for creating a pantry/larder or for improving the one you already have.

I especially like the pictures that have shelves for cookbooks.

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Libby@ThriftyVictorianHome said...

Your post was very timely. We've been having some construction on our home, and with it, I will get a new pantry. I really look forward to stockpiling a lot more! Mine won't be quite as fancy as these, but it will certainly serve its purpose!

BarbaraLee said...

I have a closet right now for mine.
Dh made a potato box in the garage. It is MN so we get pretty cold here but it works.

Carol said...

Several years ago we bought large white cabinets from Home Depot and my husband put them together and installed them. We have three in all and they go wall to wall. We also have a nice sized cabinet that I use for the day to day things for baking. We also have a spice cabinet where I keep spices, vinegars, and oils. It's been fun stocking them up. When you live in the boonies, a pantry is a must. LOL! It's like having your own little grocery store.
Thanks for sharing the pics. I like the one with the cookbooks and veggies in baskets too.

Mom2fur said...

Those are something to drool over!
My 'larder' (LOL--sounds like something from Oliver Twist) used to be a linen closet. If I were to have one built, though, it would be like the one I had in our second home. Each shelf was only deep enough for one can, but it covered an entire kitchen wall. Okay, not a huge wall, but about five feet across by the height of the room. I loved it because everything was right where you could see it, and you never had to 'dig' for anything!

TX Doodler said...

Debbie, you've inspired me yet again! I love that punched tin pantry you've posted. I've been trying to think of where I'd put my "larder". I don't have much room in my kitchen, it's galley style. Jill over here
had some tips. I think I'm going to start with long bins under the bed. Sounds crazy, but at least it'll be stable temps, unlike my garage.

Domestically Inclined said...

I am sooo impressed! I now have goals! Thanks so much.

Melonie said...

I love having a good pantry and you've posted some wonderful pictures. In the past I've used big white storage closets inherited from my folks when they replaced theirs (out in my garage) and converted storage areas (under the stairs) and coat closets (in my entryway). Now we are in a house that has one deep pantry right next to the fridge and one shallower one across the room in the kitchen "nook" area. I think they are my absolute favorite parts of this house. :-)

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