Saturday, August 16, 2008

This week's plan

This week I plan to work in the Master Bedroom when I have a few minutes, here and there, with a grand finale on Saturday during my weekly home cleaning time.

I'm not a perfectionist. Remember that old saying: "The last thing that'll happen to me on this earth is that someone will throw dirt on top of me. I'm not going to worry about a little dirt now".

I do enjoy a clean, uncluttered and organized home. I've been trying to accomplish this for years! LOL

This is my wish list for the bedroom this week. My blog is called "Homemaking Dreams", after all!

1. Dust all furniture really well, including behind and in crevices.
2. Dust and clean all pictures, etc. on the wall.
3. Dust the blades on the ceiling fan.
4. Organize the under bed containers.
5. I have dark carpet in there and the crevices of the carpet near the walls tends to get white with dust. I want to vacuum this with a crevice tool.
6. I want to move all the furniture and vacuum really well.
7. Declutter the entire room.
8. Purge my closet! I want to get rid of all but my favorite summer clothing and shoes, that actually fit and look nice on me. Some will be donated to the local crisis center and some will be thrown away.I'll be switching over to fall and winter clothes in a couple of months, so now's the time to do this.
9. Dust window sills, mini blinds and curtains.
10. Look up into corners, etc. and clean cobwebs.

I may not get all of this done, but any progress will make me happy.

I've also been thinking about menus for the week. These are some dishes I'm planning:

1. Pork, potatoes and string bean stew.

2. Lasagna and salad

3. Chicken Salad for sandwiches.

4. Chicken Rice Bake

5. Pizza Noodle Dish

Do you have any plans for the upcoming week made?


Mom2fur said...

Best of luck with your 'to-do' list! As a matter of fact, I just stopped by to see how you were doing. I tackled a small, teeny-tiny, miniscule part of my attic today. Filled a grocery-sized bag with trash and one of those reusable grocery bags with things to donate.
Then I thought how they do these things on all those organizing shows on TV. There's always a team that clears everything out of the room. Then they go through it and get rid of stuff (either by trashing it or selling it at a garage sale). Then, what remains goes back into a freshly cleaned, beautifully decorated room.
I don't have a team.
I have no place to put an attic worth of 'stuff.'
And I'd rather do it myself at first until I know what I want--then I'll call in the strong kids and husband.
So I picked one section to play with and completely emptied it. I mean, I threw, pushed or put everything from that area (about 20 square feet) on the other side of the attic ladder. So now I ended up with an empty space to work in. I did the famous three piles: Keep, Toss and Donate, plus an extra 'not sure' pile.
It's too hot to spend more than about 30 minutes in the attic, so I just chose one big box to go through. I'm happy to say my 'donate' pile is 3 times as big as my 'keep' pile! I'd like to go up there and keep working at least once a day as long as the weather stays somewhat cool. I figure even 20 minutes to half an hour means over 3 hours worth of cleaning by the end of the week.
Here's an idea for you--use one of your cute grocery bags and solemnly vow you'll fill it to the top with things to donate. I bet you'll fill it quickly with clothes you no longer want.
Be careful what you throw away, though! If something is flannel or cotton, you can cut it up for cleaning rags. And be sure to save buttons off shirts that aren't nice enough to donate. Buttons are expensive to buy new!
Your weekly menu sounds yummy. I'm planning on Mexican Lasagna and stir-fried pork and broccoli, to start with. Not sure what else, but I'll figure something out--one dinner will be chicken, for sure!
I'm going to keep coming back here for inspiration to keep on with my own cleaning/decluttering, so you have to stick with the job or you'll disappoint me, LOL! I can use all the encouragement I can get.

Susan said...

Sounds like a great plan, Debbie!

I don't have any plans set in stone, as our oldest boy comes home tomorrow and our younger one comes home Saturday. The next couple of weeks, for the house anyway, will be maintaining - and enjoying my boys.

Rhonda in OK said...

About your dust "5. I have dark carpet in there and the crevices of the carpet near the walls tends to get white with dust. I want to vacuum this with a crevice tool."

We have white carpet and the crevices around our walls get black.

We should just trade trade, I give you our black dust and you give me your white dust and we won't either one have to vaccuum so much!

Pen Pen said...

I hate that dust around the corners of the room! I hope to work in my bedroom tonight. My husband finally painted our bedroom this weekend and it looks wonderful. (good bye blue wallpaper!!!) I need to organize the room and go shopping for a new bedspread.

Melinda said...

I'm thinking of making some potholders and I also want/need to paint a small, narrow bookcase for my son's room.

We'll see how it goes! ha.

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