Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Organizing Update

Good Morning and happy Wednesday to you!

I have made some good progress in accomplishing my "homemaking dreams" for the master bedroom so far this week. I have worked a few minutes at a time here and there, as I planned, and its going well.

I have dusted and cleaned most of the furniture in the room. I removed the curtains and a cloth bedside table cover, washed and dried them, ironed them and returned them to their places. I've taken down all pictures, dusted them front and back and the wall behind where they hang. I have one more corner to tackle.

I haven't even gotten the vacuum cleaner out yet! Any dust is falling where it wants to and believe me there is lots of it. Sometimes it looked like snow! When I get all the room dusted really well, I plan to start on the chair rail, baseboards, ceilings and the walls themselves. Oh yes, the dreaded ceiling fan needs desperate attention too.

When I get all the dust off the above items and its had a chance to settle on the floor I'll begin my attack with the vacuum. I'm going to use the crevice tool on all the edges near the wall and under one cabinet I can't move. I can move everything else to vacuum under there.

I've also been slowly working on purging all the unused, wrong size, wrong color items in my closet. I hope to have a nice box full for the crisis center near my office. I really want to build my wardrobe around the colors that look good on me and to have only a basic selection. Less is better in this area I think. I have a tendency, like most women, to buy willy, nilly, when something is on sale, etc., without realizing it doesn't look good on us or doesn't coordinate with anything we already have. Then we need to purchase more items to go with said new purchase.

By the end of the week I'll have a clean bedroom and a much more organized closet.

I also splurged this week and bought four new books from Amazon and have added a widget on the right side bar which shows these books. You can probably get them from the library for review before purchasing them. By the way, I only spent $25.00 for all four books, including shipping. I haven't figured out how to put the lowest price offered for a book on the widget. If you want to purchase one of these books, click on "used" and you will find some great deals! The ones I have received look just like new to me.

They are: "Get More Done in Less Time; Shopping For Time; Have a 48-Hour Day; and Disciplines of the Heart. So far all have arrived except "Shopping For Time" which is the one I was most looking forward to. Maybe it'll arrive today.

Wow, "Get More Done in Less Time" is so good! It has inspired me to once again work on my planner/notebook/control journal. I think this time I'll finally get it like I want it! I'm so excited to finally be organized. I hope to share the contents of my new planner soon.

I plan to use "Disciplines of the Heart" as part of my morning time with the Lord. This book is by Anne Ortlund, the author of one of my all time favorite books, "The Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman". Speaking of which, gotta go do my morning time with the Lord! I should have done that first, but I was waiting for the coffee to brew!

Have a great day!


Melinda said...

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished!

I'll have to check out the books on your sidebar later today or tomorrow. I need to get off of here and gets something accomplished myself today! :)

Susan said...

You're doing great! I looked up the Getting More Done book, and my library doesn't have it, and neither does any library in BC! So I looked it up through your widget - looks like a good book. I'll have to make myself a list of books I need . . er . . want.

Mom2fur said...

Wow, you must be burning a gazillion calories, working so hard!
The temp dropped about 20 degrees in the past 2 days, and it feels more like mid-September than mid-August. It's just beautiful! Too early to think about fall? Not in my book! It can't come fast enough. I wish fall lasted 8 months, LOL!
Being cooler today, I tackled another box in the attic. I think I was meant to do that. I found some machine needles, thread and buttons I can use. And it might be high time to get rid of bank statements from 25 years ago, LOL!

I also dropped off a bag of 'holiday' things to the Salvation Army. It's nice to be able to do something charitable and have the reward of less clutter, as well, isn't it?

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