Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tagged! Six Random Things About Me.

The sweet Melinda of "The Nest Egg" tagged me to list six random things about me.

So here you go!

1. I was born on George Washington's birthday 50 years ago. I have three older brothers and one older sister. I was walking by the time I was 8 months old. My Mama says I always tried to eat dirt when I was outside. She had to watch me like a hawk. This isn't good, since we had chickens in the yard in those days.
When I was growing up I loved dogs and wanted to be a veterinarian, but was severely frightened by a "mean dog" when I was 13 and never wanted to pursue that career again!

2. A funny story about my growing up years. One morning my older sister made my breakfast and had put pepper on my scrambled eggs. I started crying hysterically and saying, "The boys put boogers in my eggs!". Evidently they aggravated me a lot to make me think that. LOL (Sorry, hope you already had your breakfast!)

3. I have had three children, two of which are still living. My middle child, Josh, was born in 1984 and died in 1986. He had a heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He's my Saint in heaven!

4. Pregnancy and child births: I was VERY sick with morning sickness with my first child, Lori. She was born in 1980. At that time the doctor would give you a prescription for this called Benedictine. With the medicine I was able to get through the morning sickness. With all three of my children I dilated to 2 centimeters 2 weeks before they were born. I was only in labor with my first for about 6 hours. The Dukes of Hazzard were on the tv when she was born. The most beautiful sound memory I have is the first time I heard her cry. I love to remember the sound!

With my second child, Josh, I was NOT SICK A DAY. I did have gestational diabetes and didn't gain nearly as much weight as with my first. My water broke and he was born 2 hours later. He was pronounced healthy, but the next day the doctor became worried because there was a heart murmur that normally went away within a few days. We were sent to Chapel Hill Hospital and there we learned that he had a fatal birth defect and would not live long. However, he lived 2 years! A gift from God!

I also had severe morning sickness with my third child, Jacob, but no medicine this time! My delivery was quick with him too. The doctor broke my water and he was born about 30 minutes later. He started making noise and hasn't been quiet since! Lol. I love that boy!

5. Both of my children went to public school, but if they were born now, no way would they go to public school. I would definitely home school them.

6. I'm a paralegal. I wasn't educated to be a paralegal, but have done this work for 20 years. The state of North Carolina has a program now that allows you to be certified based on on the job training. So I have a nice pretty certificate that says I'm a paralegal. Funny, I feel the same.

If you would like to reveal six things about yourself to the blogging world, please let me know. I'd love to learn more about you.

Thanks Melinda for the Tag!!!


Alexandra said...

Well, that fits for you; paralegals are the nicest people! I had a lot of contact with paralegals when I worked in the court system. They are the backbone of any legal organization, and were always so helpful and friendly when I needed anything.

The bugger story was cute(giggle).

Melinda said...

Thanks for playing along! I enjoyed reading them!

The breakfast story was funny. I am also the youngest with 2 older brothers and I know all to well how older brothers can be when your kids!

Pen Pen said...

Loved the random things about yourself. One of my older brothers gave me a lot of grief too.... funny story about the boogers in your eggs. I agree with you on homeschooling... in fact, I did homeschool my children the year before we moved to Western NC. You remind me so much of myself, except you actually "do" all these things you plan.... I'm just a planner. :o)

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